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Microsoft Project ADVANCED: Project Management Technics 3 PDU

Video Introducing this tutorial

Project Conception Stage :
Introduction and WELCOME
Top 10 pitfalls of MS Project - and how to avoid them
What is a Master Project?
MASTER PROJECT - Read, Link, Update and Delete
Social Networking for your Project Plans
File Handling: 10 Super Tips

QUIZ 1: Top 10 Pitfalls in Microsoft Project :
QUIZ 1: Top 10 Pitfalls in Microsoft Project
4 questions

Project Initiation :
Resource Pool - THE CONCEPT
Three Techniques to create a Resource Pool
How to connect to a Resource Pool - 3 Examples
Shared Resources - The Nitty Gritty Details
Three Types of Access Modes - Resource Pool
Automated WBS Code Definition

Project Planning - Part 1 :
Planning according to Work or Duration
Powerful custom fields - part 1
Powerful custom fields - part 2
Custom fields - Example 1 - Simple Data
Custom Fields - Example 2 - Calculated field values
Custom Fields - Example 3 - Handling Summary Tasks
Custom Fields - Example 4 - Graphical Displays
Custom Fields - Example 5 - Taxonomy
Custom Fields - Example 6 - Programmed formatting
Overallocation Desensitizing - 3 Advanced Techniques
Summary task assignment PITFALLS

Advanced Planning Microsoft Project - Part 2 :
Understanding Earned Value Analysis - FUNDAMENTALS
Planning a project to track Earned Value
Percentage Complete vs. Percentage Physical Complete
Planning to Track Progress in the future
IMPORTING Update Tracking Information

REFERENCE MATERIAL - See here for a quick recap of Fundamental Concepts :
IMPORTANT: Understanding Work Formula Basics
Basics of Baselines
How to Create a Baseline - Variance Table 101

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