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Microsoft PowerPoint Advanced

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Introduction and Overview

Managing PowerPoint Files :
File Management Tools - Overview
File Management Tools
Using Presentation Tools: Optimization and Compression
Using Presentation Tools: Inspection and Checking
More File Management Tools

Working with Pictures :
Inserting Pictures - Overview
Inserting Pictures
Manipulating Pictures - Overview
Manipulating Pictures
Formatting Pictures - Overview
Formatting Pictures
Removing Backgrounds - Overview
Removing Backgrounds
Managing Pictures - Overview
Managing Pictures

Adding Multimedia to a Presentation :
Inserting Video Files - Overview
Inserting Video Files
Inserting Audio Files - Overview
Inserting Audio Files

Adding Tables Charts and Diagrams :
Inserting Tables - Overview
Inserting Tables
Editing Tables - Overview
Editing Tables
Formatting Tables - Overview
Formatting Tables
Inserting Charts - Overview
Inserting Charts
Working with Diagrams - Overview
Working with Diagrams

Setting up Slide Masters :
Using Slide Masters - Overview
Using Slide Masters
Using Slide Master Layout - Overview
Using Slide Master Layout
Adding Graphics to Slide Masters - Overview
Adding Graphics to Slide Masters
Saving Themes - Overview
Saving Themes

Reviewing Presentations :
Using Comments - Overview
Using Comments
Reviewing a Presentation - Overview
Reviewing a Presentation

Creating Advanced Types of Shows :
Running Presentations Overview
Running Presentations
Setting up Your Show - Overview
Setting up Your Show
Creating a Custom Show - Overview
Creating a Custom Show
Presenting Your Show - Overview
Presenting Your Show