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Microsoft Outlook Introduction

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Introduction and Overview

Starting Out in Outlook :
Getting Started with Outlook - Overview
Getting Started with Outlook
Receiving Email - Overview
Receiving Email
Editing Email Messages - Overview
Editing Email Messages
Printing Email Messages - Overview
Printing Email Messages
Getting Help in Outlook - Overview
Getting Help in Outlook

Understanding and Customizing the Outlook Interface :
Getting Acquainted with the Interface - Overview
Getting Acquainted with the Interface
Using the Outlook Panes - Overview
Using the Outlook Panes
The Quick Access Toolbar - Overview
The Quick Access Toolbar
Tabs and Groups - Overview
Tabs and Groups
Customizing the Ribbon - Overview
Customizing the Ribbon

Sending E-Mail :
Composing E-Mail - Overview
Composing E-Mail
Answering Mail - Overview
Answering Mail
Doing More with E-Mail - Overview
Doing More with E-Mail
Using Viewing Tools - Overview
Using Viewing Tools
Using the Drafts Folder - Overview
Using the Drafts Folder

Information Management :
The Calendar - Overview
The Calendar
The Contacts Folder - Overview
The Contacts Folder
The Tasks Folder - Overview
The Tasks Folder

Organizing Your E-mail :
Managing Folders - Overview
Managing Folders
Using Rules and Quick Steps - Overview
Using Rules and Quick Steps
Configuring Categories - Overview
Configuring Categories
Managing Junk Mail - Overview
Managing Junk Mail