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Video Introducing this tutorial

Excel 2016: Introduction to Excel 2016 Beginner Course :
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course exercise files
Course demo files
Exercise Files
Downloadable Course Transcripts for Excel 2016 Beginner Course

Excel 2016: What's New :
New and Improved Features in Excel 2016

Excel 2016: Using Touch :
Overview of Principles of Using Touchscreen

Excel 2016: Getting Started :
Creating and Saving a Workbook
Opening a Workbook

Excel 2016: Using Help :
Online Help and Contextual Help

Excel 2016: Excel Options :
Personalizing your use of Excel

Excel 2016: The Ribbon and Toolbars :
Basics of using the Ribbon
Quick Access Toolbar
Tell Me Feature
Mini Toolbars and Contextual Menus
Status Bar

Excel 2016: Entering and Editing Data :
Basics of Entering and Editing Data in a Workbook
Exercise 01
Formatting Dates
Formatting Numbers
Exercise 02

Excel 2016: Backup and Recovery :
AutoSave, Recover Unsaved Workbook, and Create a Backup Copy

Excel 2016: Fill and Series :
Working with Fill and Series
Flash Fill

Excel 2016: Viewing and Printing :
Workbook Views, Zoom, and Freeze
Exercise 03

Excel 2016: Cut, Copy, and Paste :
Methods of Cutting, Copying, and Pasting

Excel 2016: Formatting a Worksheet :
Delete and Clear
Insert, Hide, Column Width and Row Height, and Merge
Themes and Styles
Exercise 04

Excel 2016: Formulas and Functions :
Basics of Fomulas and Functions
Complex Examples of Formulas
Exercise 05

Excel 2016: Managing Worksheets :
Managing Worksheets

Excel 2016: Working with Multiple Workbooks :
Working with Multiple Workbooks

Excel 2016: Saving Workbooks :
Saving in Different File Types

Excel 2016: Proofing :
The Spell Checker

Excel 2016: Inserting Comments :
Inserting Comments
Exercise 06

Excel 2016: Basic Functions in Excel :
The VLOOKUP Function
Text Functions
Date and Time Functions
Logical Functions

Excel 2016: Graphs and Charts :
Creating Graphs and Charts
Customizing a Cluster Column Chart
Customizing a Pie Chart
New Chart Types in Excel 2016
Exercise 07

Excel 2016: Sorting and Filtering Data :
Managing Data by Sorting
Managing Date by Filtering
Customizing Tables

Excel 2016: Shapes and Pictures :
Inserting Shapes and Pictures
Exercise 08

Excel 2016: Formatting Cells Based on Content :
Conditional Formatting

Excel 2016: Protection and Security :
Protecting Worksheets
Protecting Workbooks

Excel 2016: Naming Items :
Giving Items Names
Exercise 09

Excel 2016: Finding and Replacing Words :
Find and Replace

Excel 2016: Borders :
Adding Borders

Excel 2016: Workbook Inspection :
Inspecting a Workbook

Excel 2016: Privacy Options :
Trust Center Privacy Options

Excel 2016: Sharing Options :
Sharing a Workbook

Excel 2016: Wrap Up :
Excel 2016 Quiz
45 questions

Excel 2016 Advanced: Introduction to Excel 2016 Advanced Course :
Prerequisites of the Course and Version of Excel
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Excel 2016 Advanced Course Exercise Files
Excel 2016 Advanced Course Demo Files
Course Structure

Excel 2016 Advanced: Functions :
Functions - Part 1
Functions - Part 2

Excel 2016 Advanced: Date and Time Functions :
How Date and Time Works
Basic Date and Time Functions
Complex Date and Time Functions

Excel 2016 Advanced: Text Functions :
Using Text Functions - Part 1
Using Text Functions - Part 2

Excel 2016 Advanced: Logical Functions :
Using Logical Functions
Exercise 01

Excel 2016 Advanced: Lookup Functions :
HLOOKUP Function
VLOOKUP Function
Exercise 02

Excel 2016 Advanced: Financial Functions :
Financial Functions and Terminology
Personal Financial Functions
Professional Financial Functions
Exercise 03

Excel 2016 Advanced: Statistical Functions :
Statistical Functions for Description - Part 1
Statistical Functions for Description - Part 2
Statistical Functions for Forecasting - Part 1
Statistical Functions for Forecasting - Part 2
Exercise 04
One Click Forecasting
Statistical Functions for Inference

Excel 2016 Advanced: Connecting to External Data :
Connecting to Other Workbooks
Connecting to Access Databases
Connecting to Web Data Sources
Get and Transform
Exercise 05

Excel 2016 Advanced: Tables :
Introduction to Tables
Working with Tables
Table References
Table Styles
Exercise 06

Excel 2016 Advanced: Pivot Tables :
Introduction to Pivot Tables
Working with Pivot Tables
Filters and Slicers
Pivot Charts
Exercise 07

Excel 2016 Advanced: Data Analysis :
What If Analysis
Scenario Manager
Goal Seek
Exercise 08

Excel 2016: Graphs and Charts :
Area Charts
Surface Charts
Radar Charts
Bubble Charts
Stock Charts
Exercise 09

Excel 2016 Advanced: Excel Web App :
Web App - Part 1
Web App - Part 2

Excel 2016 Advanced: Conclusion :
Closing Message
Excel 2016 Advanced - Quiz
45 questions

PowerPoint 2016: Course Introduction :
Welcome and Overview
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course exercise files
New Features in PowerPoint 2016
New features in PowerPoint 2016 for MAC

PowerPoint 2016: Overview :
Navigate a PowerPoint Presentation
Overview of the Desktop Screen and Views
Exercise 01

PowerPoint 2016: Getting Started :
Presentation Tips and Guidelines
Creating a New Presentation
Working with Slides
Saving a Presentation
Exercise 02

PowerPoint 2016: Text and Bullet Editing Options :
Formatting Text
Working with Bullets
Exercise 03

PowerPoint 2016: Adding Graphics to Your Presentation :
Inserting Shapes
Inserting Graphics
Inserting Pictures
Exercise 04

PowerPoint 2016: Working with Objects :
Selecting Objects
Editing Objects
Formatting Objects - Part 1
Formatting Objects - Part 2
Arranging Objects
Grouping Objects
Exercise 05

PowerPoint 2016: Working with Pictures :
Picture Options
Cropping Pictures
Formatting Pictures
Things You Can Do with Pictures
Exercise 06

PowerPoint 2016: Working with SmartArt :
Creating SmartArt
Modifying SmartArt
Creating a Flowchart Using SmartArt
Exercise 07

PowerPoint 2016: Working with Tables :
Creating Tables
Formatting Tables
Inserting Tables
Exercise 08

PowerPoint 2016: Working with Charts :
Adding Charts
Formatting Charts
Inserting Charts from MS Excel
Exercise 09

PowerPoint 2016: Masters :
Using Masters
Changing Master Slides
Creating a New Master Design Template
Exercise 10

PowerPoint 2016: Other Working with Media :
Adding Video to a Presentation
Adding Audio to a Presentation
Exercise 11

PowerPoint 2016: Transitions :
Applying Transitions
Transition Options
Exercise 12

PowerPoint 2016: Animation :
Animating an Object
Effect Options
Working with the Animation Pane
Motion Paths
Exercise 13

PowerPoint 2016: Hyperlinks and Action Buttons :
Working with Action Buttons
Working with Hyperlinks
Exercise 14

PowerPoint 2016: Slideshow Options :
Onscreen Presentation Options
Hiding Slides
Changing the order of slides
Copying slides
Slideshow Options
Exercise 15

PowerPoint 2016: Preparing a Presentation for Delivery :
Rehearse Timings
Recording a Presentation
Slide Show Settings
Creating a Custom Slide Show
Exercise 16

PowerPoint 2016: Other PowerPoint Features :
Exporting options
Working with the Backstage View & Customization Options
Customizing the Ribbon
Printing a presentation
Exercise 17

PowerPoint 2016:Conclusion :
PowerPoint 2016 - Quiz
68 questions

Word 2016: Introduction :
Welcome and Overview
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course exercise files
What's New in Word 2016
Overview of MS Word Screen
Backstage View

Word 2016: Getting Started with Word :
Creating a New Blank Document
Working with Non-Printing Characters and Line Spacing Basics
Saving a Document
Opening a Document
Navigating in a Document
Go To, Find, and Replace
Editing a Document
Section 2 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Character Formatting :
AutoCorrect Options
Selecting text
Cut, Copy & Paste
Character Formatting Options
Format Painter
Working with numbers
Working with bullets
Creating an Outline
Section 3 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Paragraph Formatting :
Alignment Options
Line Spacing Options
Working with Indents
Working with Tabs
Section 4 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Managing Lists :
Sorting a List

Word 2016: Tables :
Working with Tables
Creating a Table
Adding Rows and Columns to a Table
Formatting Table Data
Borders & Shading
Sorting in a Table
Drawing a Table
Converting Existing Data to a Table
Quick Tables
Using Formula in Tables
Section 6 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Styles :
Working with Styles
Creating Styles
Editing Styles
Section 7 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Controlling Page Appearance :
Working with Page Breaks
Working with Columns
Adding a Watermark
Applying Page Borders
Headers & Footers
Section 8 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Sectioning :
What is Sectioning?
Sectioning a Document
Odd and Even Sections
Section 9 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Graphics :
Inserting Pictures
Inserting Pictures into Existing Documents
Picture Options
Working with Shapes
Other Graphic Options
Section 10 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Envelopes & Labels :
Working with Envelopes
Working with Labels

Word 2016: Mail Merges :
What is Mail Merge?
Creating a Mail Merge Document - Part 1
Creating a Mail Merge Document - Part 2
Merging a Document with an Existing Data Source
Sorting and Filtering Images
Merging Envelopes and Labels
Merging a Directory
Section 12 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Quick Parts :
Building Blocks
Creating and Editing Building Blocks
Auto Text
Section 13 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Indexing and Table of Contents :
Creating an Index
Creating a Table of Contents
Section 14 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Review and Printing :
Using the Thesaurus
Spell Check
Page Setup Options
Section 15 Practice Exercise

Word 2016: Other Word Features :
Word Options
Protecting a Document

Word 2016: Wrap Up :
Word 2016 - Quiz
64 questions

OneNote 2016: Introduction :
Course Overview & Structure
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course Exercise Files
Course Demo Files

OneNote 2016: Workspace :
OneNote Workspace Overview
Backstage View and Options
Adding Content

OneNote 2016: Managing Notes :
Managing Notes - Part 1
Exercise 01
Managing Notes - Part 2

OneNote 2016: Backup and Restore :
Backup & Restore

OneNote 2016: Printing :
Printing Options

OneNote 2016: Using OneDrive :
Using OneDrive

OneNote 2016: Working with Text :
Typing and Formatting Text
Exercise 02
Laying Out Your Notes

OneNote 2016: Working with Images :
Inserting Images
Screen Clipping & OCR

OneNote 2016: Quick Notes :
Using Quick Notes

OneNote 2016: Handwriting in OneNote :
Exercise 03

OneNote 2016: Drawing in OneNote :
Drawing Shapes and Lines
More About Drawing

OneNote 2016: Tables in OneNote :
Inserting Table
Formatting Table
Working with Excel

OneNote 2016: Audio and Video Notes :
Inserting Audio Notes
Inserting Video Notes
Exercise 04

OneNote 2016: Templates :
Using Templates

OneNote 2016: File Attachment :
Attaching Files

OneNote 2016: Working with Links :
Inserting Links
Different Types of Links

OneNote 2016: Tagging & Searching :
Managing Tags
Exercise 05

OneNote 2016: Protecting & Sharing Notes :
Protecting Notes
Sharing Notebook Using OneDrive
Other Sharing Options

OneNote 2016: Authoring & Researching :
Spell Checking & AutoCorrect Options
Translating Text and Language Preferences
Using Thesaurus
Research Tools

OneNote 2016: Integrating OneNote with Outlook :
Creating Notes to Outlook Tasks

OneNote 2016: Math Tools :
Calculator and Equation Editor
Exercise 06

OneNote 2016: Conclusion :
OneNote Online & Conclusion
OneNote 2016 - Quiz
30 questions

Access 2016: Introduction :
Introduction to Access 2016 Course
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course Exercise Files
Course Demo Files
Acquiring Access 2016
Structure of the Course
What's New in Access 2016

Access 2016: Using Touch :
Using Access in a Touch Device

Access 2016: Getting Started :
Using Database Templates
Creating, Saving, and Opening Databases
The Access Workspace and Backstage

Access 2016: Help :
Online Help and Tell Me

Access 2016: The Ribbon and Toolbars :
The Ribbon
The Quick Access Toolbar
Contextual Menus
The Status Bar

Access 2016: Keyboard Shortcuts and Key Tips :
Keyboard Shortcuts
Key Tips

Access 2016: Options :
General, Current Databases, and Language Options

Access 2016: Tables :
Creating a Table and Fields
Indexed Field
Lookup Wizard
Numeric Fields
Exercise 01

Access 2016: Importing Data :
Importing Data from Excel
Exercise 02

Backup, Restore, and Repair :
Backing up your Database
Compact and Repair

Access 2016: Datasheet View :
Design in the Datasheet View
Sorting and Filtering in Datasheet View
Entering and Modifying Data in Datasheet View

Access 2016: Relationships :
Creating a Link Table
Setting up Relationships
Exercise 03

Access 2016: Forms :
Creating a Form
Modifying a Form
Exercise 04
Forms in Layout View
Forms in Design View
Form Design
Exercise 05

Access 2016: Subforms :
Setting up Subforms - Part 1
Setting up Subforms - Part 2
Setting up Subforms - Part 3
Exercise 06

Access 2016: Queries :
Creating a Query
Query Wizard
Exercise 07

Access 2016: Expressions :
Setting up Validations
Calculation using Expressions

Access 2016: Reports :
Basic Report
Report Design
Complex Report
Exercise 08

Access 2016: Printing :
Printing and Print Properties

Access 2016: More Data Types :
Yes/No, OLE Object, and Hyperlink Data Types

Access 2016: More About Forms :
Form Controls
Form Themes
Navigation Form

Access 2016: Modal, Dialogs, and Macros :
Introduction to Model Dialog and Macros
Model Dialog and Macros Continued
Form Validation
Adding a Command Button to a Form
Exercise 09

Access 2016: Web App Basics :
Creating an Access Web App
Importing an Access Database to a Web App
Exercise 10

Access 2016: Exporting :
Exporting an Access Database

Access 2016: Application Parts :
Adding Application Parts to a Database

Access 2016: More Access Options :
Additional Access 2016 Options

Access 2016: Info Tab :
View and Edit Database Properties, and Encrypt with Password

Access 2016: Security :
Trust Center Settings

Access 2016: Conclusion :
Access 2016 - Quiz
55 questions

Access 2016 Advanced: Introduction :
Course Overview and Content
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course Exercise Files
Course Demo Files

Access 2016 Advanced: Primary Keys and Indexes :
Primary Keys and Indexing Rules and Guidelines
More About Indexes

Access 2016 Advanced: Using Datasheet View :
Setting-up Northwind Database
Working in a Datasheet View
Customizing Datasheet View and Advanced Sorting and Filtering
Exercise 01

Access 2016 Advacned: Linking to Other Access Databases :
Linking Two Tables to Other Access Databases

Access 2016 Advacned: Using ODBC and SQL Server :
Acquiring and Installing SQL Server Express
Setting up SQL Server Database
Exercise 2

Access 2016 Advanced: Splitting an Access Database :
Splitting an Access Database into Front-end and Back-end Databases
Converting Shared Table into Local Table; Moving Back-end Database
Exercise 3
Addressing Multi-users Issues When Sharing Data

Access 2016 Advanced: Macros :
Basics of Macros
Macros on Events; AutoExec
More About AutoExec; Bypassing AutoExec
Macro Security Settings
Exercise 4

Access 2016 Advanced: The Ribbon and Toolbars :
Customizing the Ribbon and Quick Access Tool

Access 2016 Advanced: Visual Basic for Applications in Access 2016 :
Convert Macros to VBA; VBA Editor and Property Windows
VBA Modules; Running Code and Error Handling
Creating Modules; Subs, Functions, Intellisense and Variables
Scope, Variable Naming and Strings
Standard Functions; Logical, Case and Loop Statements

Access 2016 Advanced: Access Events Model :
Adding Events to Assets Database
Exercise 05
Common Events; Form and Report Events
Switchboard and Navigation Form; Error Handling
Exercise 06

Access 2016 Advanced: Forms :
Formatting Bound and Control Form
Split Forms; Macro Error Handling
Creating Form with Tab
Go To Combo Box and Its Properties
Exercise 07

Access 2016 Advanced: Advanced Use of Queries :
Basic of Queries: Review
Syntax of SQL Statements
Use of Multiple Where Criteria & Select Statements Function
Joins and Its Types
Exercise 08
Action Queries - Part 1
Action Queries - Part 2

Access 2016 Advanced: Packaging your Application :
Steps in Packaging Access Application
Exercise 09

Access 2016 Advanced: Conclusion :
Online Support and Conclusion
Access 2016 Advanced - Quiz
45 questions

VBA for Beginners: Introduction :
Introduction to the VBA Course
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
VBA course exercise and solution files

VBA for Beginners: Getting Started :
Getting Started
The VBA Editor
First Coding Manipulations

VBA for Beginners: Code Writing Basics :
Keywords, Comments, and Code Syntax
Using VBA Objects and Intellitext
Variables and Code Calls
Defining and Managing Variables
Variables and Constants Intellitext

VBA for Beginners: Specific Code Constructs :
Logical Constructs: The Boolean Type
Logical Constructs: If and Switch Statements
Methods for Communicating to the User
Looping: The For and Do While Loops
Looping: Collections and the For Each Loop

VBA for Beginners: Writing Functions :
Returning a Value from VBA
Functions: What Can't They Do?
Defining Function Inputs
Using Worksheet Functions in VBA
Versatile Lookup: First Functional Version
The Range Object
Array Formula

VBA for Beginners: Key Objects and Error Handling :
Application Object
Workbook and Worksheet Objects
Error Traps
Pivot Tables
One Approach To Completing Exercise 8
The PageSetup Object and Print Ranges

VBA for Beginners: Conclusion :
Concluding Remarks
VBA for Beginners - Quiz
25 questions

VBA Intermediate: Introduction :
Course Overview
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course exercise files
Course support files

VBA Intermediate: VBA Language Details :
Chapter 2 Preview
Excel File Types
Code Modules
Detailed Memory Management
Code Module Interactions
The VBA Project Model
Advanced Parameter Definitions

VBA Intermediate: Excel Events :
What Are Events?
Pre-Defined Events
Event Parameters
A Series Of Example Events
Application Events

VBA Intermediate: Custom Objects :
Chapter Overview + New Keyword
Creating A Custom Type
Create a New Class
Defining a Class
Practical Example of a Class
Practice Test of a Class
Special Class Variables and Components
Initialization and Termination
VBA Attributes and Usage
Inheritance - Defining the Bookmarks Support Class
Creating a Userform
Designing a Userform
Coding a Userform

VBA Intermediate: The Excel Interface :
Modding the Excel Interface
UI Interface Scope and Range
UI Interface Control Options and Access

VBA Intermediate: External References and Office Interop :
What are References? How do they work?
Reference Object
Office Libraries
ADODB Library
The Scripting Library

VBA Intermediate: Conclusion :
Course Conclusion
VBA Intermediate Training - Quiz
30 questions
Downloadable Course Transcripts for Word 2016 Beginner Course

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