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Microsoft MTA Security Fundamentals: 98-367

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Why MTA Security Fundamentals?
Challenge: Hackers
Challenge Walkthrough: Hackers

Security Layers :
What To Expect In This Section?
Core Security Principles - Part 1
Core Security Principles - Part 2
The Principle of Least Privilege
Social Engineering
Man-In-The-Middle Attacks - introduction part 1
Man-In-The-Middle Attacks - introduction part 2
A Man-In-The-Middle Attack In Action With Cain&Able
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer
Physical Security
Mobile Devices Security
Overview of Internet Security
Internet Explorer Security Zones
Tips That Can Help You Protect Your Privacy
Overview of Wireless Security
Let's configure a real router and access point
Wireless Too Slow?
Wireless Security tips by Symantec
12 pages
Quiz 1
6 questions
Let's Summarize This Section

Operating System Security :
What To Expect In This Section?
User Authentication
Let's Check A Real Radius Server
Public Key Infrastucture (PKI) And Certificates
Certificates and how to use them
How To Manage Users And Passwords In Windows Server
NTFS Permissions
Shares And Permissions In Action
Run-as explained
Password Policies
Audit Policies
Bitlocker explained
Malware And What You Can Do About It
Removing a virus - tips and applications to use
1 page
Installing and tweaking an antivirus application - a lab
The best antivirus - Dennis Technology Labs tests and reviews
20 pages
Quiz 2
6 questions
Let's Summarize This Section

Network Security :
What To Expect In This Section?
Why Do We Need A Firewall?
Let's Check Out A Real Firewall And UTM
How to buy a decent firewall? E-book
6 pages
Oh no... my network is under attack!!!
How a firewall can stop a virus
Network Access Protection
What is a VLAN?
What is a DMZ?
A real world example of VLANs and DMZ
Introduction to IPSec
IPSec in action
Names Resolution. DNS concepts
How to use Wireshark to caputer network traffic
How to start with a UTM? E-book
3 pages
Quiz 3
6 questions
Let's Summarize This Section

Security Software :
What To Expect In This Section?
Client Protection
User Access Control
Email Protection
Phishing - examples
Server protection
Quiz 4
4 questions

Course Wrap Up :
Let's Summarize Our Training
Bonus video - remote support tools
Bonus video - encryption
Bonus video - a S2S VPN on a Cisco router
Bonus video - How to use GPOs to make your server more secure
NEW: The SHA1 Function is now Dead !