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Microsoft Excel: Data Reporting and Dashboards From Scratch!

Understanding Your Goals :
Course Outline
Defining: Dashboards, Reports and Switchboards
Properties of a Good Dashboard
Steps to create Dashboards = Flow of this course
Test your learning for this Section
4 questions

Understanding the Platform - Microsoft Excel :
Intro to the section
Tangible and Intangible Features
All Tabs Overview
Excel Options: Adding Developer Tab
Formula Bar
Name Box
Status Bar
Types of Shortcuts
Custom Lists and Fill handle Dragging.
Creating your own Custom Lists

Understanding Your Data :
Section Intro
Case Study Intro
Solution: Q1-Q3 (Data Understanding)
Data Makeup - Number Formats
Solution: Q4-Q6 (Conditional Formatting )
Solution: Q7-Q9 (Conditional Formatting )
Solution: Q10-Q12 (Conditional Formatting )
Solution: Q13 (Find & Replace)
Solution: Q14-Q16 (Copy, Paste & Paste Special )
Solution: Q17-Q18 (Go To Special)

Sort & Filter :
Intro to Section
Explaining: Sort & Filter
Solution: Q1-Q4 (Sort & Custom Sort)
Solution: Q5-Q7 (Filters & Custom Filters)
Solution: Q8-Q10 (Custom Filters & Advanced Filters)

Data Cleaning :
Introduction to section
Introduction to Case Study
Solution: Q1 (Removing Duplicates)
Solution: Q2 (Missing Value Treatment)
Solution: Q3 (Redundant Columns)

Formulas & Functions :
Introduction to Excel Functions
Symbols used in Excel Functions (Part 1)
Symbols used in Excel Functions (Part 2)
Symbols used in Excel Functions (Part 3)

Data Preparation :
What is Data Preparation?

Data Preparation(Date Functions) :
Explanation & Case Study intro
Solution: Q1-Q3 (Year, Month & Day Functions)
Why? (Connecting back to the Theory)
Solution: Q4-Q6 (Date Calculations)
Solution: Q7-Q8 (Advanced Date Calculations)
Solution: Q9 (Advanced Date Formatting)

Data Preparation(Logical Functions) :
Explanation & Case Study Intro
Solution: Q1-Q2 (IF Function)
Solution: Q3 (Nested IF)
Solution: Q4 (OR Function)
Solution: Q5 (AND Function)
Solution: Q6 (IFERROR Function)

Data Preparation(Text Functions) :
Solution: Q1-Q2 (Basic Text Functions)
Solution: Q3 (LEFT & FIND)
Solution: Q4 (MID & FIND)

Data Preparation(Lookup & Reference Functions) :
Decision Matrix and Case Study Intro
Solution: Q1 (VLOOKUP)
Solution: Q2 (Index & Match)
Solution: Q3 (VLOOKUP + Wildcard)

Data Summary :
Introduction to Case Study
Basic Aggregate Functions
Named Ranges
Conditional Aggregate Functions (COUNTIF)
Conditional Aggregate Functions (Using Wildcards)
Multi-Condition Aggregate Function (COUNTIFS, SUMIFS)

Data Presentation (Dashboard) :
Creating Charts
Dashboard Recap
Check boxes
Formatting Controls

Data Summary (Pivot Table) :
Introduction to Section and Case Study
Solution: Q1-Q2 (Basic Pivot Features)
Solution: Q3 (Summarize By)
Solution: Q4 (Calculated Field)
Solution: Q5 (Grouping Dates)
Solution: Q6 (Report Filter Pages)

Dashboard (Pivot Table) :
Calculating Summary Reports
Incorporating Charts
Creating Controls using Slicers
Formatting Slicers

Time Savers :
Intro To Section
Carbon Concept
Carbon Concept
3 questions
3 questions
Link Excel Charts to PPT Dynamically - Without getting them blurry

Bonus Section :
Bonus: The Next Step

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