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Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Dashboard Reporting

Getting Started :
Welcome to the Course
Dealing with Raw Data
The Magic of an Excel Dashboard
Let's get Started!

Analyzing Data Effectively with Microsoft Excel :
Using Excels PROPER() Function on Text
Create Consistency with Excels UPPER() Function
Microsoft Excels Paste Special Feature
Replace Meaningless Data with Excels CHOOSE() Function
Extract Date Values Using Excels TEXT() Function

Building the Excel Dashboard - LOOK UP DATA - Part 1 :
Looking Up Customer Info
Preparing the Data Using Format As Table
Creating a Drop Down Menu with Data Validation
Looking Up Data with Excels VLOOKUP() Function
Cleaning Up Data with Excels IF() Function
INDEX() and MATCH() an Alternative to VLOOKUP()

Building the Excel Dashboard - FILTERING DATA - Part 2 :
Adding the Order History Table
Formatting Orders as a Table
Using Excels Advanced Filter Feature
Record Macro for Advanced Filter
Filter Order Records On Change of Customer (VBA)
Modify the VBA Filter Code

Building the Excel Dashboard - SUBTOTALS - Part 3 :
Why Use Excels SUBTOTAL() Function
Implementing the SUBTOTAL() Function

Building the Excel Dashboard - PivotTables and Pivot Charts - Part 4 :
Why Use PivotTables
Summarizing Order Info with PivotTables
Prepare PivotTable for Customer Filter
Creating the VBA Procedure
Declaring VBA Variables
Assigning Values to VBA Variables
Connecting the Filter to the PivotTable
Update Pivot Chart Based on Customer Selected (VBA)
Customers with No Orders Error

Building the Excel Dashboard - Interactive Buttons - Part 5 :
Creating Interactive Charts with Slicers
Modifying the Chart Slicer

Building the Excel Dashboard - Final Touches - Part 6 :
Hiding Extra Worksheets and Columns
Cleaning Up the Excel Default Settings
Hiding the Chart and Resetting the Slicer (VBA)
Protecting the Dashboard

Congratulations and Bonus! :
Congratulations You Finished the Course