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Microsoft Excel 2016 Bootcamp – Zero to Hero Training

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
All the files

How to make a Quote & Invoicing Form :
Setting up printable page sizes
Adding images & logos
Adding text & aligning cells
Date formatting
Borders & lines
Formulas to calculate sales tax
Creating a template
Printing & exporting PDFs

Using Templates :
Using pre-made templates

Cleaning up Messing data :
Cleaning up messy spreadsheets
Date & currency formatting
Remove blank rows & columns
Removing duplicates
Splitting cell contents
Sorting & Reordering
Repeating formulas
Practise exercise

Graphs in Excel :
Creating graphs
Graphs for Word, PowerPoint, InDesign & Illustrator

Pivot Tables :
How to make a Pivot Table

How to make a Profit & Loss Sheet :
Profit & loss spreadsheet

Cheat sheet & shortcuts :
Cheat Sheet & Shortcuts

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