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Udemy Microsoft Cybersecurity Pro Track: Threat Detection

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Instructor Introduction
About The Course
Set Up The Lab Environment

Introduction to Threat Detetction as Part of the Defense In-Depth Strategy :
An Overview of the Modern Cyber Threat Landscape
Integrating Pre-Breach and Post-Breach Approaches to Mitigate Cyber Threats
Comparing Signature-Based and Behavioral Heuristics Detection Methods
Combating Threat Persistence
Section 2 Review Questions

Detecting Threats in On-Premises Environments :
Windows Event Forwarding and Intrusion Detection
Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection
Microsoft Enterprise Threat Detection
MIcrosoft Security Risk Detection
Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI)
Logging and Auditing
Threat Detection Tools
Section 3 Review Questions

Detecting Threats in Hybrid Cloud Environments :
Microsoft Cloud App Security and O365 Cloud App Security
Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection
Office 365 Threat Inteligence
Azure Advanced Threat Detection
Azure Logging and Auditing
Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)
Microsoft 365
Section 4 Review Questions

Analyzing Threat Detection Solutions in Action :
Layered Machine Learning defenses in Windows Defender Antivirus
Detecting Persistent Threats using Microsoft Defender ATP
Enterprise Threat Detection behavioral monitoring
Microsoft cpmprehensive approach to cyber threat detection
Section 5 Review Questions

Final Exam :
Final Exam

Hands-On Lab:
Hands-On Lab