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Microsoft AZ-100: Azure Infrastructure and Deployment Exam

Azure Introduction :
Course Intro
Connect with us and fellow students
PowerShell Reference Guide
Azure Overview

1.1 Manage Azure Subscriptions :
Lecture: Intro to Accounts and Subscriptions
Demo: Account and Subscription Management
Demo: Quotas, Cost Analysis and Tagging
Demo: Billing Alerts

1.2 Analyze Resource Utilization and Consumption :
Lecture: Overview of Monitoring capabilities in Azure
Demo: Azure Alerts
Demo: Monitoring VMs
Demo: Storage Diagnostics
Lecture: Log Analytics Overview
Demo: Log Analytics

1.3 Manage Resource Groups :
Demo: Resource Groups and Tagging
Lecture: Resource Locks
Demo: Resource Locks
Lecture: Azure Policies
Demo: Azure Policies
Section 1: Study Material

Accounts and Subscriptions Study Material :

2.1 Create and Configure Storage Accounts :
Lecture: Storage Account Overview
Demo: Storage Account Portal
Demo: Storage Account PowerShell
Demo: Azure Storage Explorer
Demo: AZ Copy
Lecture: Manage Permissions
Demo: Shared Access Signatures
Lecture: Storage Keys
Lecture: Custom Domains

2.2 Import and Export Data to Azure :
Lecture: Import/Export
Lecture: CDN
Demo: CDN

2.3 Implement Azure Backup :
Lecture: Azure Backup Overview
Demo: Azure Backup
Demo: Azure MARS Backup

3.1 Create and configure a VM for Windows and Linux :
VMs Overview - Part 1
VMs Overview - Part 2
VMs Overview - Part 3
VMs Overview - Part 4
Demo: Deploy VM from Portal
Demo: Connect to Windows VM
Demo: Connect to Linux VM

3.2 Automate Deployment of VMs :
Lecture: Custom Images
Demo: Create a Custom Image
Lecture: PowerShell DSC Overview
Demo: PowerShell DSC
Lecture: Custom Script Extension
Demo: Deploy VM with PowerShell

3.3 Manage Azure VM Storage and Networking :
Lecture: VM Storage Overview
Demo: Add Disk
Lecture: Disk Caching
Demo: Disk Caching
Demo: VM Networking

3.5 VM Scale Sets :
Lecture: VM Scaling Overview
Demo: VM Scale Sets

3.4 VM Availability :
Lecture: VM Availability Overview
Demo: Availability Sets

4.1 Implement and Manage Virtual Networking :
Lecture: Network Overview
Demo: VNETS and Subnets
Lecture: IP Addressing
Demo: Static Private and Public IP

4.2 Create Connectivity Between Virtual Networks :
Lecture: Hybrid Connectivity Options
Lecture: Routing and Peering
Demo: Routes and VNET Peering
Lecture: Hybrid Scenarios

4.3 Configure Name Resolution :
Lecture: IP and DNS

4.4 Create and Configure a Network Security Group (NSG) :
Lecture: Network Security Groups
Demo: Network Security Groups

5.1 Manage Azure Active Directory :
Lecture: Domain Services
Lecture: Azure AD Overview
Demo: Create Directory
Demo: Create Azure AD Users and Groups
Demo: Configure Self-Service Password Reset
Lecture: Azure AD Pricing

5.2 Implement and Manage Hybrid Identities :
Lecture: AD Connect Overview
Lecture: SSO and MFA
Lecture: B2C and B2B
Demo: AD Connect
Demo: AD Connect Health

6.1 ARM Templates :
Lecture: ARM Overview
Demo: Query Resource Providers
Demo: ARM Templates
Lecture: ARM Functions and Linking Templates
Demo: ARM Count Loops
Demo: Save Deployment as ARM Template

6.2 Azure Automation :
Demo: Azure Automation DSC
Demo: Azure Automation