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Microsoft Access VBA, Design and Advanced Methods Workshop 1

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Overview :

How to Create a Hack Proof Read-Only Database :
Demonstration of the Finished Database
Link for Downloading Work Database for this Section
Download the Work Database and Create a New Database
Create the Open Subroutine
Add Security to Prevent Changes
Print or Download a PDF with the Read Only Database Steps

Create a Search Combo Box and Add Records to the Source Table On the Fly :
Link for Downloading Work Database for this Section
Open and Examine the AddToList Database
Before We Start, Let's Fix a Data Problem
Create the Quick Search Combo Box
Add VBA Code to Fix the Problems with our New Combo Box
Fix the Combo to Work with the Filters
Using a Query to Solve the Problem
Now Make it Do Something With the Selection
Build the Not In List Subroutine
Start Fixing the NotInList Routine
Popup the Customer Form
Don't Allow Adding Customers if Filters are Active

Controlling Record Location in Subforms :
Link for Downloading Database and Note Sheet for This Section
Overview of What We Want to Accomplish
Start Building the Main Form To Order Button
Finish the Code for Our To Order Button
Test for Clicking the TO ORDER Button from the Main Form
Create Code to Go To the Subform
Create the Subform Subroutine then Call It

Database Design Scenario - Loan Company :
Download of Database File
Inspect Tables and Modify Structure
Create the Assign Processor Form
Create a Query to Get the Next Processor ID
Add an Assign Button and VBA Code to the Form
A Couple Last Things to Fix
Download of DONE Database File

Conclusion :
Review and Conclusion
BONUS Lecture! Learn Even More!

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