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Microservices With Spring Boot and Spring Cloud

Video Introducing this tutorial

Spring Boot Introduction and Tool Setup :
What are Microservices from a Simple Standpoint
HoneyComb Architecture and 12 Factor Methodology
Install JDK 8
Install MySQL 5.6
Install Chrome Advanced Rest Client
Install Maven 3.x, Git SCM, Spring Tool Suite and Set Windows Path
How To Get the Code and Run the Entire Course

Using Spring Boot :
Person Service Section Objectives And Top Level Java Class / Componets
Person Service Startup Sequence Diagram and getAllPersons Sequence Diagram
Person Service Create Sequence Diagram
Person Service Class Diagrams and Class Relations
Configure Your MySQL Database
Spring Boot Introduction Person Service Quick Start
Introduce Spring Boot Template Project
Import Project Into Spring Source Tool Suite IDE
Modify and Explain Maven Pom Elements
Create Person Domain JPA / Hibernate POJO
Create Person JPA Repository
Create Service Properties and Person Event in the service package
Create PersonEventListener
Create PersonServiceHealth
Create PersonSerice
Create PersonController Create API
Add PersonController Get / GetAll / Update and Delete API
Explain AbstractRestHandler Class
Create Aspect Handler Class
Add Spring Boot Main Class
Clean Up TODOs
Change Person Service Properties Files
Build , Run and Test GetAll Persons API
Test GetPerson API
Test Create Person API
Test Update and DeletePerson API
Spring Boot Actuator Demonstration
Try Swagger Documentation Page

Spring Cloud Service Discovery :
Learn What is Service Discovery and Why it is Important
Set Up /etc/hosts file,create initial project and add dependencies
Add properties files and Spring Service Discovery Annotation
Build the project and run instances
View Actuators Endpoints
ServiceDiscovery Summary
Spring Boot and Spring Cloud Upgrade

Spring Cloud Config Repository :
Section Introduction Spring Cloud Config Repository Project Creation
Setup Github ssh keys
Create and Push project to Github repository

Spring Cloud Config Service :
Section Introduction TODO Replace
Create a new Spring Starter Project
Add properties and class annotations
Test the Config Service
Spring Cloud Config Service Summary
Spring Boot Spring Cloud Version Upgrade

Introduction to Spring Framework :
Introduction to Spring Framework
Add Maven pom.xml
Create packages
Basic Spring Concepts IOC, Dependency Injection and basic configuration
Testing Spring basic configuration
Explain Error in Customer Bean Config and Fix it
Explain Error In Investment Bean Config And Fix it.
Dealing with Spring Collection
Fix Errors And Run List Spring Config
Develop XML Config for Maps
Testing Lists in Spring
Testing Maps in Spring
Setter Injection in Spring
Fix and Run Setter Injection in Spring
Real Life Dependency Injection in Nature and How Spring does it
Explain Real Life Dependency Injection in relation to Spring DI
Explain AOP Concepts
Aspect Oriented Programming in Real Life Concepts 1
Aspect Oriented Programming in Real Life Concepts 2
Aspect Oriented Programming in Real Life Concepts 3
Aspect Oriented Programming in Real Life Concepts 4

Create the RsMortgage Customer Microservice :
CustomerMicroserService Quickstart
Clone Spring Cloud Template Repository
Class Relationships of the Service
Spring Cloud Startup Sequence Diagram
Customer Creation Sequence Diagram
Import Project into Spring Source Tool Suite
Maven Pom Elements
Account and AccountType Domain POJOs
Address Contact ContactType Domain Pojos
Customer Domain Object
Other Domain Objects
Change Service Package Classes
Change Service Package Remaining Classes
Change CustomerController I
Change Customer Controller II
Change Customer Aspect Oriented Class
Spring Boot Customer Start Application
Change Properties
Prepare Eureka and Config Service By Cloning Git Repos
Run And Verify Eureka Service
Validate Configuration Service
Build and Run Customer Service
Test Customer Service APIs
Check Actuator Endpiints and Swagger UI Documentation Page

Create Customer Account Microservice to explore Feign and Histrix :
Spring Cloud Declarivative Client Feign Sequence Diagram
Circuit Breaker Hystrix Sequence Diagram
Introduction to Customer Account Service
Clone the repository from Github
Review Config Service and Config Repository
Review Spring Client Feign Client and Hystrix Circuit Breaker
See Feign and Hystrix Working
Show Update Operation
Hystrix and Feign Summary
Spring Boot Spring Cloud Version Upgrade

Exercices :
Coding Exercise
Design Exercise
Some Interview Questions And Design Challanges

Guided Tour for running All the Microservices :
Run The Person MicroService
Run the Service Discovery Microservice
Run the Configuration Service
Run the Customer MicroService
Run the Customer Account Microservice