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MERN Stack Front To Back: Full Stack React, Redux & Node.js

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome To The Course
A Look At the Main App
Before We Begin
VSCode Setup

Basic Express Setup :
MongoDB Setup With mLab
Install Dependencies & Basic Server Setup
Connecting To MongoDB With Mongoose
Route Files With Express Router

User API Routes & JWT Authentication :
Creating The User Model
User Registration & Postman
Email & Password Login
Creating The JWT
Passport JWT Authentication Strategy
Validation Handlers - 1
Validation Handlers - 2

Profile API Routes :
Aside - Front End Visual
Creating The Profile Model
Current User Profile Route
Create & Update Profile Routes
Profile Field Validations
More Profile API Routes
Add Experience & Education Routes
Delete Education & Experience Routes

Post API Routes :
Creating The Post Model
Post Create Route
Get & Delete Post Routes
Post Like & Unlike Routes
Add & Remove Comment Routes

Getting Started With React & The Frontend :
A Look At The Bootstrap Theme & UI
Implementing React
Bootstrap & Assets Setup
Basic Layout

React Router & Component State :
React Router Setup (v4)
Creating The Register Form With State
Creating The Login Form With State
Testing Registration With Our Form - No Redux Yet
Error Handling & Display

Redux & Authentication :
Why We Need Redux
Redux Store & Chrome Extension Setup
Redux Action & Reducer Workflow Example
Registration & The Error Reducer
Redux Login Action & Set Current User
Login Form Functionality
Logout & Conditional Navbar Links

Dashboard & Profile State - Part 1 :
TextFieldGroupInput Component
Profile Reducer & Get Current Profile
Spinner Component & Dashboard Start
Private Route Setup
CreateProfile Component & Route
Form Field Components
Create Profile Form
Create Profile Functionality

Dashboard & Profile State - Part 2 :
Profile Actions Component & Delete Account
Edit Profile Component
Add Experience Form
Add Experience Functionality
Add Education Form & Functionality
Dashboard Experience Display & Delete
Dashboard Education Display & Delete

Profile Display :
Profiles Component & getProfiles Action
Profile Items
Profile By Handle & Sub Components
Profile Header
Profile About & Credentials
Profile Github & Touch Ups

Posts & Comments :
Post State & addPost Action
Posts & Post Form Component
getPosts Action & PostFeed Component
Post Item Component
Delete, Like & Unlike Posts
Single Post Display
Comment Form Component & Action
Comment Display & Delete

Prepare & Deploy :
Securing Our Keys
Heroku Setup
Post Build & Deployment

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