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Medium Masterclass: Become A Full-Time Blogger on Medium

Introduction :
What will you learn in this course?
How you can introduce yourself to the course community
Why should you publish articles on Medium?

Technical Background: How does work ? :
How does work?
Step by Step: Setting up your Medium account
How to create a story on Medium with only a few clicks
What exactly is a Medium publication ('magazine')?
Medium analytics and other tools
Followers & tags on Medium

Niching: How you can find the right niche for your articles :
Let's together figure out your niche
Planning ahead: 100 USD spreadsheet for free
Clickbait in Titles: Being intriguing, not misleading
How to make articles look amazing (form advice)
Writing engaging articles - a step by step guide
THE DO LIST - A free checklist for your article creation
THE DONT LIST - A free checklist for your article creation

Reviewing Medium articles: How to get rid of grammar and spelling errors :
METHOD #1: Let the Medium Mastermind review your articles
METHOD 2: Google Docs & Facebook Mastermind connection
METHOD #3: The best platform for spelling checks

Article design: How to get people to read your articles :
Creating a multimedia article
Creating stunningly looking cover photos for Medium articles
Where to get amazing free photos and vector icons for your article headers

Growth Hacking on Medium: How to advertise articles without spending money :
My best tag-based Medium growth strategy
Looking up people & getting in contact with them
The ultimate mass following strategy
The ultimate commenting strategy for more followers and interactions
Marking other people's articles - a mass engagement strategy

Medium story hacks: 4 hacks for more engagement :
How to increase engagement with existing followers
Creating highly converting follow-up stories
How to become an author for other Medium publications
A complete tutorial on how to import stories into

Medium publications: How to set up a successful Medium publication :
Creating a publication on Medium (a step by step guide)
Creating a typeform online survey - a complete tutorial
How to ad tabs to your magazine
Sending letters to our readers
Creating and managing a Microsoft OneNote account
Acquiring new (popular) authors for your Medium publication
Choosing a category with a lot of news but little traffic

Article promotion: How to reach more people with your articles :
Generating traffic for your articles through
How to generate traffic for your articles through Twitter

Extra Chapter: Additional information :
How to get paid for writing on Medium
How to submit an article behind the Medium Open Paywall
How to attract advertisers to your Medium magazine
Connecting your Medium with Patreon

Q&A, Updates & New Content :
Update #1: Medium Open Paywall - What I learned from publishing 10 articles/day
Update #2: Where you can find your Medium Open Paywall earnings
Medium Update #4: Is Medium pushing the partner program? + tag hacks for reads

Thank you! :
Reminder: Please join our Medium Mastermind
Thank you!