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Meditation For Beginners: For Deep Daily Practice

Video Introducing this tutorial

Greeting :

Getting Started :
Meditation 1: For Inner Peace
What is Meditation?
Why Meditate Every Day?
Why Focus on the Breath?
Evenminded & Cheerful
Chair Sitting
Meditation Bench
Crosslegged Sitting
Meditation 2: Breath Watching In Body

Energy & Consciousness :
Mantra: Intro To Hong Sau
Silence after Hong-Sau
Meditation 3: Hong Sau 1
Hong-Sau Review
Where to Feel the Breath
Subconsious Mind
Conscious Mind
Superconscious Mind
Eye Position & Level of Consciousness
Inner Guidance
Energization Exercises Short Version
Meditation 4: Hong Sau 2

Tips & Tricks :
Meditation 5: Hong Sau 3, 20 Min Audio
Section 3 Introduction
How Long To Meditate
When To Meditate
Steps Toward Silence
A Meditation Space Pt 1
A Meditation Space Pt 2 Focal Point
Sitkari Cooling Breath
Sitkari to Begin Hong Sau
Physical Diet
Vegetarian Diet and Cooking Resources
1 page
Mental Diet
Sleepy in Meditation
Anxiety and Tension
Mind Wanders
Negative Emotions
Chanting Affirmation & Prayer
Unexpected Experiences
Spiritual Eye
Kapalabhati Breath of Fire
Kapalabhati to Begin Hong Sau

Secrets for Deep Meditation :
Attitude Pt 1: Acceptance
Attitude Pt 2: Gratitude
Attitude Pt 3: Devotion

Looking Forward :
Group Meditation
The Honeymoon
Support & Inspiration
3 pages

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