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MBA Business Tools That Get Results–Free Workbooks Included

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Course! :
Welcome to the course!
The course toolbox: Get your workbooks here

Idea Generation :
Idea Research and Generation
What we will cover in this section
Demo: Design Thinking
Demo: Double Loop Learning
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Pareto Effect
Long Tail Effect
SWOT Analysis

How to Deliver Effective Performance Reviews :
The basic principles of a performance review
How to give a performance appraisal
Useful performance phrases
Demo: Conduct an employee SWOT Analysis
Employee review sheet
Feedback Model
Conflict Resolution
Integration Model

Performance Management :
Balanced Scorecard Overview
Background to prepare for the Demo lecture
Demo: A Balanced Scorecard in Action
Mission Perspective
Customer Focus
Internal Processes
Demo: Conduct a skills audit
Professional Development
Test your knowledge
4 questions

Leadership: Basic Decision Making and Problem Solving Strategies :
John Whitmore Model
Rubber Band Model
Eisenhower Model

Lead Across Lines Of Difference :
The importance of multicultural leadership
Sexual Orientation
Race & Ethnicity

Pricing Your Product: Supply and Demand Curves Overview :
Pricing Your Product: Supply and Demand Curves Overview
What happens when we increase our price?
What happens when we offer a discount?

Finances: An Overview :
Framing this section
How To Analyze Financial Statements and Save Money
What is a Balance Sheet?
What is an Income Statement?
What is Shareholders Equity?
Revenue: An Overview
Assets: An Overview
Liabilities: An Overview

Bonus Section :
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