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Maven Quick Start: A Fast Introduction to Maven by Example

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome: What's In This Course
Maven Key Concepts
Course Tools

Quick Installation :
Quick Installation Overview
Quick Installation Process for Windows Users
Quick Installation Notes for Windows Users
Quick Installation Process for Mac OS X Users
Quick Installation Notes for Mac OS X Users

Maven Quick Start By Example :
Quick Start Overview
The Setup: Source Control
The Setup: Project Folder
Accessing the Sample Content
Maven Lifecycles Explained
Minimal Maven Project
Update Git Repository
Directory Conventions in Maven
Standard Directory Templates Explained
Preserving Folders within Git
Adding Java Source
Building with Maven and the Target Directory
Removing the Previous Build Results
Multiple Goals
Maven Local Repository
Cleanup: Commit Changes to Git

Maven Plugins :
Plugins Overview
Plugin Introduction and Documentation
The Setup: Modern Java Source
Compiler Plugin and Execution
Executing the Sample Application
Cleanup: Update Git Repository

Dependencies :
Dependency Overview and Scopes Explained
Adding Dependencies
Adding Dependencies from Maven Central
Cleanup: Saving Changes in Git
Listing Project Dependencies

Unit Testing :
Unit Testing Overview
Adding Unit Test Code
JUnit Dependency Update
Running Tests with Maven
Test Reports
Cleanup: Commit Changes in Git

Maven within Eclipse :
Eclipse-Maven Integration Overview
Eclipse Quick Install on Windows
Eclipse Quick Install on Mac OS X
Creating a New Maven Project in Eclipse
Importing Existing Maven Projects into Eclipse
Reviewing the POM File within Eclipse
Running Maven within Eclipse
Cleanup: Git Updates

Using Archetypes :
Using Archetypes Overview
Archetypes Documentation
Simple Project and Review
Generating a Project Non-Interactively
Simple Project Review and Build

Conclusion :
Review and Final Thoughts

Bonus: Full Installation on Windows 10 :
Windows 10 Full Installation Overview
Platform (32 vs 64 bits)
Chrome Installation (Optional)
Git for Windows Installation
Git for Windows Help
Git for Windows Minimal Configuration
Notepad++ Installation
Notepad++ Git Integration
Java SDK (JDK) Installation
Java SDK (JDK) Configuration
Maven Installation

Bonus: Full Installation on Mac OS X :
Mac OS X Full Installation Overview
Chrome Installation (Optional)
Apple Git Installation
Git Started: Help
Minimal Git Configuration
TextMate 2 Installation
TextMate 2 Configuration
TextMate 2 Git Integration
Maven Installation
Java Installation
Bash Profile and Git Prompt

Special Offers :
Bonus: Exclusive Student Discounts