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Matrix Algebra Fast

Video Introducing this tutorial

1 Course Overview
2 Essential Matrix Concepts
3 How To Test For Matrix Equality
4 How to Perform Matrix Addition and Subtraction
5 How To Perform Scalar Multiplication
6 How To Calculate The Dot Product
7 How To Perform Matrix Multiplication
8 How To Calculate Determinants
9 How To Compute The Inverse For 2 x 2 Matrices
10 How To Find Inverses of Larger Matrices
11 Systems of Linear Equations
12 How To Solve Systems of Linear Equations Using Gaussian Elimination
13 How To Solve a System of Linear Equations Using Gauss-Jordan Elimination
14 How To Solve Systems of Linear Equations using Inverse Matrices
15 How To Solve Systems of Equations using Cramers Rule
16 Conclusion and Further Reading