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MATLAB from A to Z: From Programming to App designing

Video Introducing this tutorial

Segment 1.0 A Beginner Guide for Introduction to MATLAB
001 NEW Introduction to MATLAB
002 Introduction to the segment
003 NEW Matlab enviroment
004 NEW Common operations

Segment 1.2 Variable Manipulation in MATLAB
006 How to Define and Use Variables
007 Semicolon Effect and Commenting
008 Basic Arithmetic Functions and Operators Precedence
009 Scientific Notation Special Constants and Precision
010 Basic Commands
011 Using Help Topics in MATLAB

Segment 1.3 Working with Vectors
012 Defining Vectors
013 Basic Operations on Vectors
014 NEW Logical operations on the matrices
015 NEW Colon operator for data selection
016 Advanced Operations on Vectors
017 Statistics Operations on Vectors

Segment 1.4 Matrix Manipulation in MATLAB
018 Matrix Defintion in MATLAB
019 Basic Operations on Matrices
020 Matrices Multiplication
021 NEW Set Operations on Matrices
022 NEW Relational operations
023 NEW Shifting Matrix rows and columns
024 Size and Sum of Elements in Matrices
025 Ones Zeros and Identity Matrices
026 Matrix Transpose and Diagonal Elements
027 Determinant Inverse and Trace
028 NEW More Operations on Matrices Part 1
029 NEW More Operations on Matrices Part 2

Segment 2.0 Advanced Skills For Experts
030 Introduction to the Segment
031 Introduction to programming in MATLAB
032 M-File Scripts
034 M-File Functions
036 Input and Output Commands
038 NEW More Inputoutput Options

Segment 2.1 Program Process Control
039 The if...end Structure
041 The for...end Loop
043 The while...end Loop
045 Debugging M-files

Segment 2.2 MATLAB Graphics
047 2D Plot
049 3D Plot
051 NEW Multiple plots Sub Plots and Automatically obtaining Code for Plots

Segment 2.3 Essential Mathematical Functions
052 Factorials Square Roots and Nth Roots
054 Trigonometric Functions and their Inverses
056 Exponentials and Logarithms Functions
058 NEW More Math Functions GCD LCM PRIME PROD PERMS
059 NEW Random numbers functions RAND RANDN RANDI and RANDPERM

Segment 2.4 Working with Complex Numbers
060 Basic Calculations with Complex Numbers
062 Advanced Complex Functions
064 Polar and Cartesian Form

Segment 2.5 Algebriac Calculations
066 Solving Algebraic Equations
068 Solving Systems of Linear Equations

Segment 2.6 Calculus Caculations
070 Limits
072 Differentiation
074 Integration

Section 2.6 Bonus Material
076 NEW Transferring data from excel into MATLAB
077 NEW Transferring data in different formats
078 NEW Sharing your Results

Segment 3.0 Creating apps in MATLAB with GUIDE
079 Accessing Guide
080 Available controls with their types and the generated files
081 Properties of controls Initial values and tags
082 Positioning and aligning controls
083 Created functions in the .m file
084 Two key functions
085 Customizing tabbing behaviour
086 Grid and lines

Segment 3.1 Linking the code with the GUI
087 Gui for simple product program
088 Including tables in GUI
089 Working with the slider and including graphs Codes Given
090 Setting the backgroud of GUI Code Given
091 Setting up a background image of a button Code Given
092 Setting the menu Code Given
093 Button groups and radio buttons Code Given
094 Reading a file text file and displaying its contents Code Given
095 Using checkboxes Code Given
096 Explaining toggle buttons Code Given
097 hObject and handles
098 Popup menu and list boxes Code Given

Segment 3.2 Advance techniques for GUIDE
100 Passing value between GUIs
101 Passing values between two call back functions
102 How to pass command line arguments to GUI

Segement 3.3 Sample projects with GUIDE
105 Sample project -1 Building a Calculator Part 1
106 Sample project -1 Building a Calculator Part 2
107 Sample Project 2 Image Processing Part 1
108 Sample Project 2 Image Processing Part 2

Section 3.4 More Useful Tricks and Examples with GUIDE
109 A trick with the visibility option of text box
110 Simple string manipulation and user notification
111 Deleting elements from a List box one by one programatically
112 Adding elements to a list box programatically
113 Selectiong Determination and Counter
114 User notification during processing with a push button
115 Interacting with GUI from a Keyboard
116 List box Choice Restriction

Segment 4.0 Creating apps in MATLAB with App Designer
117 Layout of App Designer The designed view and code view
118 Available controls and Their Types
119 Alignment and arranging options
120 Spacing and resizing
121 Grid lines

Segment 4.1 Tips and tricks for effective use of App Designer
122 Error detection and correction mechanism in App Designer
123 Useful shortcuts -1
124 Useful shortcuts - 2
125 Dragging components with ctrl key

Segment 4.2 Coding GUIs with App Designer
126 Notes before starting to code - 1
127 Notes before starting to code - 2
128 Simple addition program Codes Given
129 Slider and graph Codes Given
130 Label and text area
131 List boxes Codes Given
132 Drop down menus Codes Given
133 Radion buttons Codes Given
134 state buttons and spinner
135 Working with different types of switches
136 Opening a file and displaying its contents Codes Given
137 Working with Tables
138 Lamps Codes Given
139 Working of tabs
140 Gauges A speedometer example Codes Given
141 Knobs and discrete knobs Codes Given

Section 4.3 Advance techniques for App Designer
142 Passing values between two call back functions Codes Given
143 Passing data between two GUIs Codes Given
144 Adding a custom built private function Codes Given
145 Adding a custom built public function
146 Including background images
147 Calling mulitple apps from a script Codes Given
148 Packaging your app

22 Section 4.4 Sample projects with App Designer
149 Sample project 1 Building a calculator Part 1
150 Sample project 1 Building a calculator Part 2
151 Sample Project 2 Image Processing Part 1
152 Sample Project 2 Image Processing Part 2

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