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Maths GCSE 2017 – Revise & Learn: Number

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Overview :
Introduction & Course Overview

Number Types and BODMAS :
Number Types and BODMAS

Multiples and Factors :
Multiples and Factors
Prime Numbers and Factor Trees

Lowest Common Multiples (LCM) and Highest Common Factors (HCF) :
Lowest Common Multiples
Highest Common Factors

Fractions (part 1) :
Simplifying Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Fractions (part 2) :
Adding and Subtracting Fractions, and finding Common Denominators
Finding a Fraction of a Number
Further Exam Questions on Fractions

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages :
Converting Between Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Fractions and Recurring Decimals :
Converting Recurring Decimals to Fractions
Converting Fractions to Recurring Decimals

Rounding :
Rounding to Decimal Places and Significant Figures

Estimating :
Estimating Calculations

Bounds :
Finding Upper and Lower Bounds
Using Bounds to Find the Upper and Lower Values of Calculations

Standard Form (part 1) :
Converting Numbers to and from Standard Form

Standard Form (part 2) :
Multiplying and Dividing Standard Form Numbers
Subtracting Standard Form Numbers and Other Standard Form Questions