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Mastering Server Side Swift Using Vapor

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome :
What is Server Side Swift?
Server Side Swift Frameworks
Installing Vapor
Setting Up Vapor Project
Hello Vapor

Introduction to JSON
Returning JSON Data
Custom Classes as JSON Data

GET and POST :
Nesting, Redirects and Errors
Post Requests

Database Integration :
Configuring SQLite Database
Inserting Data into SQLite Database
Fetching Records from the Database

Validation :
Getting Started with Validation
Implementing Custom Validators

Controllers :
Basic Controllers
RESTFUL Controllers

Creating a TODO List App with Vapor Backend :
Exploring the User Interface Design
Setting Up the Controllers
Displaying Tasks in a TableView
Adding New Task
Deleting Tasks
Download Sample Application

Deployment :
Setting Up for Deployment
Publishing Source to GitHub
Deploying to Heroku

Building Website Using Vapor :
Rendering Pages
Templates Using Leaf
Adding New Tasks
Deleting Tasks

Integrating Vapor with PostgreSQL Database :
Downloading and Setting Up PostgreSQL Database and Tables
Configuring PostgreSQL Database Using Vapor Drivers
Retrieving Data from PostgreSQL Using Vapor
Inserting Data into PostgreSQL Using Vapor

Authenticating Users Using Vapor :
Understanding the Scenario
Setting Up the Authenticated User and Credential Classes
Implementing User Registration
Authenticating the User
Restricting Unauthorized User Access
Final Thoughts and Source Code

SQLite Fluent Provider Using Vapor 2 :
Configuring Fluent Providers
Inserting Records
Fetching All Records
Fetching Record by Id
Fetching Record by Title
Deleting Records
Updating Record

Conclusion :
Download Sample Code
What did we learn?
Bonus Lecture

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