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Mastering (Native CSS Shapes) To Build Modern Web Pages

Getting Started with CSS Shapes :
Understanding native CSS Shapes
The Reference box in CSS Shapes
Understanding shape-outside property
Understanding clip-path/masking property

Understanding Reference Box Settings or keywords :
Understanding margin box settings
Understanding border box settings
Understanding padding box settings
Understanding content box settings

Understanding CSS Shape-Outside Functions in Depth :
Working with circle() function
Working reference box coordinates, farthest-side & radius
Fast forwarded daily life use of circle() function
Working with ellipse() function
Working with inset() function
Working with polygon() function
Working with beautiful url() function

Building Responsive Juicy grapes website with CSS Shapes :
Introduction: What you will learn & build
Creating beautiful & clean website layout
Improving styling of our Juicy grapes website
Making content flow around our shapes
Making our webpage responsive

CSS Shapes Tools & Resources :
Using CSS shape editing tool
Using clippy polygon generator tool
Using poly draw tool
Browser supports & polyfills

Building more complex shapes & Animating it. :
Animating your basic shapes
Animating your polygons shapes
Animating your shapes created by url() function

Let Your imagination fly : Build Awesome page design with CSS Sahpes :
Creating Awesome webpage for girl with umbrella
Blue Parrot in love web page using CSS Shapes

Final Words :
Final words