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Udemy Mastering Logical Fallacies

Video Introducing this tutorial

1. Introduction to Logical Fallacies
2. Ad Hominem
3. Appeal to Common Belief
4. Fallacies and Religion
5. Deception Through Confusion
6. Fallacies of Authority
7. Fallacies of Emotion
8. Argument From Ignorance
9. Circular Reasoning and the Fallacious Question
10. Fallacies of Poor Statistical Thinking
11. Black and White Thinking
12. The Impossible and the Possible
13. The Red Herring
14. The Legitimacy and Fallaciousness of the Slippery Slope
15. Special Pleading
16. The Analogy - Both Friend and Foe
17. A Look at Nature
18. Fallacies Worthy of Mention