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Mastering IELTS Speaking: The Express Course

General Overview :
An Introduction to the Course
An Overview of the IELTS Exam
Understanding the Speaking Section
How to Impress The Examiner (IELTS Speaking Band Descriptors)

Part 1 - The Interview :
Getting Started (Fluency and Coherence)
Avoiding Repetition (Lexical Resource)
Identifying the Question (Grammatical Range and Accuracy)
Recognising your Weaknesses (Pronunciation)
Speaking Part 1 - Wrap-up Quiz
4 questions

Part 2 - The Long Turn :
Part 2 Strategy - Segmenting (Fluency and Coherence)
Common Vocabulary Errors (Lexical Resource)
Common Grammar Errors (Grammatical Range and Accuracy)
Syllable Stress (Pronunciation)
Speaking Part 2 - Wrap-up Quiz
4 questions

Part 3 - The Discussion :
Discourse Markers and Listing (Fluency and Coherence)
The Art of Using Idioms (Lexical Resource)
Complex Sentences (Grammatical Range and Accuracy)
Intonation (Pronunciation)
Speaking Part 3 - Wrap-up Quiz
4 questions

Conclusion :
Handling Anxiety
Getting Guidance
Secrets to Success - Tips, Tricks and Techniques in IELTS Speaking
A Model Answer - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

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