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Mastering ARKit for iOS

Video Introducing this tutorial

Xcode 9 Beta 4 to Xcode 9 Beta 5 Changes

Welcome :
Running the Sample Code
What is Augmented Reality?
Hello ARKit and Sample Code
Understanding Hello ARKit Application

Implementing ARKit Applications :
Adding a Virtual Object and Sample Code
Displaying Text and Sample Code
Adding Multiple Objects and Sample Code
Adding Tap Gesture and Sample Code

Understanding Planes :
What are Planes?
Detecting Planes and Sample Code
Overlaying Planes and Sample Code
Placing Virtual Objects on Plane and Sample Code

Physics :
Adding Physics and Sample Code
Collision Detection and Sample Code
Applying Force and Sample Code

Loading Models :
Turning Models into DAE
Importing Models Using SketchUp

Launching Missile Using ARKit :
Importing Missile Model
Placing Missile Model into Real World
Adding Smoke Particle Effect to Missile
Launching the Missile
Adding Fire Particle Effect and Sample Code

Collision Detection by Implementing Target Shooting App :
Understanding the App
Adding Targets
Shooting an Object
Collision Detection
Collision Contact Notification and Sample Code

Building a Measuring App Using ARKit :
Understanding the Scenario
Understanding the Measurement App
Adding a Crosshair in the Middle of the Screen
Registering a Tap Gesture
Adding Starting Location of Measurement
Adding Ending Location of Measurement
Calculating the Distance
Displaying the Distance and Sample Code

ARKit with Google Blocks :
What is Google Blocks?
Downloading the Model and Installing Blender
Converting Google Blocks Models to ARKit Models
Loading Google Blocks Models and Sample Code

Light :
Setting Up Starting Point of the App
Default Lighting
Adding a Spotlight
Light Estimation and Sample Code

Building a Remote Control Car :
Adding Car Model to the Scene
Adding Game Buttons
Enabling Physics and Collision Detection
Continuous Gestures Using Timer
Applying Torque to Rotate Car
Applying Force to Accelerate Car and Sample Code

Integrating ARKit with CoreML Part 1/2 :
What is Machine Learning?
What does it mean to integrate ARKit with CoreML?
Importing Machine Learning Model
Importing Picture from Photo Library
Setting Up Vision Request
Displaying Observations in Text View and Sample Code

Integrating ARKit with CoreML Part 2/2 :
Importing Core ML Model into ARKit App
Setting Up Vision Request
Executing Vision Request Handler
Displaying Predictions as Virtual Labels and Sample Code

Occlusion :
Understanding Occlusion
Implementing Occlusion in ARKit and Sample Code

Integrating Core Location with ARKit :
Understanding and Implementing User Interface
Setting Up Location Manager
Using MKLocalSearch to Find Nearby Places
Displaying Custom Annotations Reality & Sample Code
Downloading and Installing ARKit-CoreLocation CocoaPods
Displaying Image Annotations in Augmented Reality

Conclusion :
Next Steps
Sample Code and ARKit for iOS Developers Book

Implementing Portal Using ARKit :
Creating a Room
Decorating Room with Textures
Placing Virtual Objects in the Room
Loading Room Model into the Real World
Creating Room Entrance
Room Containment and Outer Walls
Creating Portal Effect and Sample Code

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