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Mastering Arduino From beginners To Core Advance

Introduction :

the basic foundation :
what is arduino
what is a microcontroller
Atmel Atmega 328 details

Arduino and Integrated Development Environment :
About The Environment
Arduino Software For The First Timers
Basic Of Arduino Programming
First Program Theory

Programming For The Beginnners :
Arduino Syntax
Syntax Elements
DigitalRead and Serial Port
Introduction To PWM
Fade A LED
IF Conditional Statement
For Loop
While Loop
Using Arrays

Physical Computing Basics :
Difference Between Input And Output
Difference Between Digital And Analog
Multiple LED
Button Input And LED
Analog Input
Liquid Crystal Display

Introduction To Motor :
Types Of Motors
Simple DC Motor
Servo Motor
Continious Servo Motor
Stepper Motor
Running a DC Motor
Running a Servo Motor

Introduction To Sensors :
Introduction To Sensors
Sensor Details
Peizoelectric Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Passive Infrared Sensor

Serial Communication Basics :
Serial Communication Introduction
Serial Begin
Serial Write
Serial Read

Other IDE For Programming :
Other IDEs For Prrogramming
Wiring IDE

Advance Topics :
Introduction To I2C
I2C Communication Part 2
I2C communication part 3
Remote Control
RFID Card Reader Introduction
RFID Card Reader Part 2
RFID Card Reader Conclusion
Watchdog Timer

Automatic Gate Opener A Real-Time Project :
Automatic Gate Opener
Project Details
Relay Remote Control
Using Multiple Sensors
RFID Door Opener With Peizoelectric Sensor
RFID Door Opener With Peizo Part 2
RFID Door Opener With Peizo Part 3

Conclusion :