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Mastering Advanced Color Grading in Photoshop

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to The Course :
Introduction to The Course
About Images
Exercise files
Few Words About Color Harmonies

Processing Outdoor Image :
Camera Raw Introduction
Camera Raw Processing
Capture One Raw Processing

Things to do Before Color Grading :
Clean up the Image
Dodge & Burn
Building Contrasts

Color grading Outdoor Image :
Color Balance
Set up Color Theme
Other Color Grading Techniques
Final Touches

Processing Studio Image :
Processing Studio Image in Capture One
How to Clean up Messy Background
Dodge & Burn
Improve Contrasts

Color Grading on Studio Image :
Working with Color Balance on Studio Fashion Image
Using Filter
How to Correct Colors
Fixing Saturation and Color Shifts
Final Touches in Camera raw

Processing Fashion Images :
Raw Processing of Outdoor Fashion Image
Raw Processing of Outdoor Fashion Image - Part 2
Processing Fashion Image in Camera Raw

Working with Colors :
Building Contrasts on Fashion Image
Working with Color Balance
Working With Masks
Final Touches for Fashion Image
Fashion Outdoor Color Grading
What Else?