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Master Your Portraits with Luminosity Masks in Photoshop

Everything You need to Know about Luminosity Masks :
RGB Channels explained
How RGB Channels relate to Luminosity Masks
Creating Set of LM - Manual Method (OPTIONAL)
Creating Set of LM - Automate with Photoshop Action
The benefits of Luminosity Masks in editing workflow

Luminosity Masks in Action - Edit 1 :
Quick image evaluation
Brightness and shadow adjustments with LM
Targeted luminosity adjustments
Color Grading - introducing a warm tone / highlights
Color Grading - introducing a cool tone / shadows
Color Grading - enhancing skin tones
Final Touches - Matt Effect, Color Cast & Vignette
Final Touches - Targeted Sharpening / Midtones Contrast

Luminosity Masks in Action - Edit 2 :
Quick image evaluation
Luminosity Enhancements with LM
Vignette Effect
Quick image revision & selecting Channel for Color Grading
Color Grading with LM
Final Touches

Download Resources here :
Download Resources here
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