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Master Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the course! :
Welcome to the Course!
Decision Making Skills Overview

Case Study: Solving a Wicked Policy Problem :
Policy Analysis
Policy problem
About the review
Step 1: Understand the problem
Step 2: Define the alternatives
Step 3: Define the variables
Step 4: Conduct the analysis
Step 5: Confront the tradeoffs
Step 6: Write the policy brief

Decision Making Skills :
Eisenhower Matrix
John Whitmore Model
Decision Tree
Randomize and sort
Crossroads model
Rubber band model
Pros vs. cons

Demo: Cost-Benefit Analysis :
What is the Problem to Solve?
Cost-Benefit Analysis
Measure the cost
Measure the future cost
Measure the benefits
Putting it altogether

Conflict Resolution :
Conflict Resolution Model
Integration Model
Feedback Model
Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

Product Analysis :
Pareto Effect
Long Tail Effect
Conduct a skills audit

Strategic Thinking :
Design Thinking
Double Loop Learning
Power Analysis

Bonus Section :
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