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Master Prezi Classic – Beginner through Expert Projects

Video Introducing this tutorial

Before we begin :
The two different Prezi platforms
Introduction to Udemy - Prezi Style

Getting Started :
What can Prezi do?
Understanding Prezi
Getting started with Prezi Classic
How to Speak Prezi - a downloadable glossary
Prezi examples

The Basics :
Your First Prezi
Adding Text and Titles
Practice Activity: Create Your Own Prezi
Adding Pictures
Practice Activity: Adding Pictures to Your Prezi
Save and share your prezi
Practice Activity: Saving and Sharing
Finding Reusable Prezis
Project #1: Create your own prezi

The Essentials :
Making the Transition away from PowerPoint
Prezi Templates and Layouts
Finding Prezi Templates to Reuse
Using Prezi Frames
Understanding the Aspect Ratio
Practice Activity: Using Frames
Setting the Prezi Path
Practice Activity: Setting the Path
Practice Activity: Exploring Transitions
Project #2: Create a Prezume

Beyond the Basics :
What You Can and Can't Put in a Prezi
Printable Resource: How to Insert Anything in a Prezi
Practice Activity: Inserting a PowerPoint File
Getting the Graphics Right
Printable Resource: Image Specifications
Finding Good Graphics
Free Online Graphics
Printable Resource: Digital Image Resources
Fade-in Animation
Adding Video
Adding Audio
Project 3: Create a Prezi with Multi-Media

Advanced Concepts :
Better Backgrounds
Practice Activity: Background Images
Using the Theme Wizard
Practice Activity: Using the Theme Wizard
Beyond the Theme Wizard
Printable Resource: Custom CSS Examples
Project #4: Pulling Everything Together

Bonus Section :
Bonus Tips for Prezi Presenters
Wrapping Things Up
Course Preview: Advanced Animation Techniques
BONUS: Discount Offer on Advanced Animation Techniques