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Master Microsoft Word with Word 2019/365 for Beginners

Introduction :
Welcome and Overview
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course exercise files
Overview of the MS Word Screen
The Backstage View

Getting Started with Word :
Creating a New Blank Document
Working with Non-Printing Characters and Line Spacing
Saving a Document
Opening a Document
Navigating a Document
Go To, Find and Replace
Editing a Document
Section 2: Practice Exercise
Section 2 Quiz
4 questions

Character Formatting :
AutoCorrect Options
Selecting Text
Cut, Copy and Paste
Character Formatting Options
Format Painter
Working with Numbers
Working with Bullets
Creating an Outline
Section 3: Practice Exercise

Paragraph Formatting :
Alignment Options
Line Spacing Options
Working with Indents
Working with Tabs
Section 4: Practice Exercise
Section 4 Quiz
6 questions

Managing Lists :
Sorting a List

Tables :
Working with Tables
Creating a Table
Adding Rows and Columns to a Table
Formatting Table Data
Borders and Shading
Sorting in a Table
Drawing in a Table
Converting Existing Data to a Table
Quick Tables
Using Formulas in Tables
Section 6: Practice Exercise
Section 6 Quiz
5 questions

Styles :
Working with Styles
Creating Styles
Editing Styles
Section 7: Practice Exercise
Section 7 Quiz
5 questions

Controlling Page Appearance :
Working with Page Breaks
Working with Columns
Adding a Watermark
Headers and Footers
Section 8 Quiz
5 questions

Sectioning :
What is Sectioning?
Sectioning a document
Odd and Even Sections
Section 9: Practice Exercise
Section 9 Quiz
6 questions

Graphics :
Inserting Pictures
Inserting Pictures into Existing Documents
Picture Options
Working with Shapes
Icons and 3D Models
SmartArt, Charts and Screenshots
Section 10: Practice Exercise
Section 10 Quiz
5 questions

Envelopes and Labels :
Working with Envelopes
Working with Labels
Section 11 Quiz
5 questions

Mail Merges :
What is Mail Merge?
Creating a Mail Merge Document - Part 1
Creating a Mail Merge Document - Part 2
Merging a Document with an Existing Data Source
Merging Envelopes and Labels
Merging a Directory
Section 12: Practice Exercise
Section 12 Quiz
6 questions

Page Setup Options :
Building Blocks
Auto Text
Section 13: Practice Exercise
Section 13 Quiz
5 questions

Indexing and Table of Contents :
Creating an Index
Creating a Table of Contents
Section 14 Practice Exercise
Section 14 Quiz
6 questions

Review and Printing :
Using the Thesaurus and Spell Check
Page Setup Options
Section 15: Practice Exercise
Section 15 Quiz
5 questions

Other Word Options :
Word Options
Protecting a Document

Wrap Up :