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Master Course in Tableau 10 for Business Intelligence

Stage 1: Prep work :
Your journey ahead
What is tableau all about?
Connect to data!

Stage 1: Building a Viz :
Build a Bar Chart
Adding Colour & Filters
Adding Tooltips & Formatting
Build a Box & Whisker Plot
Build a Text Table
Build a Highlight Table
Build a Dual Axis Map
Scatter Plots & Clustering
Connect to New Data
Build a Tree Map
Build a Stacked Bar
Summary of Section
Stage 1 Quiz
3 questions

Stage 2: Become the apprentice :
Overview of stage two
Connect to the Data
Time Series
Dual Axis Charts
Master reference lines
Trend and Forecasting
Groups & Sets

Stage 2: Leveraging data :
Joining Data
Data Blending
Table Calculations & Calculated Fields
Table Calculation Functions
Gantt Chart
Parameters - Select Measures
Global Filters and Parameters
Parameters - Dynamic Reference Lines

Stage 2: Know the Features :
Context Filters
An Intro to Dashboards
Story Boards
Hierarchies & Organising Data Fields
Window Calculations & Bollinger Bands
Stage Summary

Stage 3: Become the hero! :
Prepare Yourself
The End Goal
Dashboard Formatting
Build View 1
Build View 2
Build View 3
Page 2 Dashboard Design
Build View 4
Build View 5
Page 3 Dashboard Design
Build View 6 & 7, plus Cover Page Design
Navigating with Actions
Navigating With Actions Part 2
Adding Highlight Actions
Setting Up Our Filters
Final touches, review and publish!

Fin :
What Next?

£xtras (Bonus) :
Custom Colours and Shapes
Build a Waterfall Chart
Word Cloud