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Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro :
Welcome To This Course!

Platform Positioning :
Advantages & Disadvantages Of Pricing - Own Platform vs Udemy
Here's What Typically Makes A Course Convert
Part I: What Makes A Course Convert On Udemy
Part II: What Makes A Course Convert On Skillshare
Part III: What Makes A Course Convert On Teachable
The Perfect Price Challenge
How to build "generic" content that can be repurposed
The "Instant Book Launch" Method
What type of content works for each online platform

Making Your Course Convert :
The Importance Of Titles & Subtitles And How To Use Them
How To Write A Landing Page That Attracts Students
Dissection: Promo video
How To Get The Perfect Course Image For Udemy

Building a Strong Media Presence :
The Most Important Social Media Tip
Why You NEED To Have Your Own Website
What You Need To Know About Facebook For Traffic
Other Platforms: Instagram vs YouTube vs Snapchat

Pre-Launch Social Proof :
Why Pre-Launch Social Proof Is Crucial
Personal Brand (offline presence)
Why Social Proof On Udemy Is Important

The Launch (funnels, scarcity, etc) :
Selling your content *before* you have it
Here's What You Can Do With A Funnel (And Facebook Ads)
Building profitable email funnels
Quick Webinar Tips To Convert Clients
The exact 3 bonuses you need to add to your course
The Interview Method

Identifying What Works And Building It Up :
How To Improve Student Engagement
The Pareto principle applied to course promotion