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Marketing Principles A-Z, 21 Marketing Tips & Techniques

Introduction :
Learn the course in audio
How to use
Introduction to Cognitive Biases
The List & Lollapalooza Tendency
Scarcity - Part1
Scarcity - Part2
Reward & Punishment Tendency
Liking/Loving Tendency & Disliking/Hating Tendency
Contrast Misreaction Tewndency
Reciprocation Tendency
Inconsistency-Avoidance Tendency
Exercise - A woman from Poland
Doubt-Avoidance Tendency
Influence-from-Mere Association Tendency
Simple, Pain-Avoidance Psychological Denial
Excessive self regard tendency
Overoptimism Tendency
Social Proof
Curiosity Tendency
Stress-Influence Tendency
Availability-Misweighing tendency
Authority-Misinfluence Tendency
Twaddle Tendency
Reason-Respecting Tendency
Booking hotel - part1
Booking hotel - part2
Sale Landing Page from Karl Taylor
2 questions
Amazon vs ebay
Additional information on cognitive biases
Cognitive biases definition
7 questions
Final talk

The 4 Business Energy :
Learn the course as audio
Introduction to 4 business Energy
The 4 type of business energies
Calculation of the 4 energies
Understanding our lead business energy
Ways to improve our weakest energy
The lead energy of your customer
How to act against each lead energy
The effect of colors on customers
Turkish airline vs Austrian airline
Dave dolle
Apple vs Microsoft
Mcdonalds, Subway & KFC
berkshire hathaway
Practicing over Uber, Tesla, Airbnb
8 questions
Definition of 4 type of business energies
6 questions
Bonus Lecture: FREE STUFF !!!