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Marketing Fundamentals – 5 Pillars – Learn-Apply-Earn

Introduction :
A Brief History Of Marketing
Four Marketing Definitions You Should Know
The Mindset Of A Genuine Marketer - 10 Mentalities
Big Names In Marketing
Two Marketing Problems To Be Aware Of
First or Better? Any Thoughts?
The Importance Of Social Proof
Free Marketing Tools
3 pages
Internet Marketing Dictionary
42 pages

Product :
What Is A Product?
Product Levels And Customer Value
Product Life-Cycle
The Most Famous Marketing Concept Explained - Positioning
How To Design A Powerful Name!
Information Products - Leverage
Take Action! Design Three Powerful Names.
2 pages

Customer :
Customer Behavior
Needs, Wants and Demands
Motivation Theories
Market Segmentation And Target Groups
Customer Satisfaction
Take Action! Create An Imaginary Customer.
2 pages

Price :
Price And Costs (There is a difference)
Market Structure And Pricing
Pricing Strategies
Freemium Business Model
Take Action! Choose A Price/Pricing Strategy.
2 pages

Communication :
Promotion / Communication Mix
Communication Process
Buyer Readiness
Crafting Your Promotional Message!
David Ogilvy Template - The Ultimate Marketing Copy That Sells
3 pages
Take Action! Create Your Marketing Message Professionally.
3 pages

Place :
Distribution Channels - Online Point Of View Included
Marketing Intermediaries - 400 Million Dollar Man?
Take Action! Put Your Promotional Message In Front Of People's eyes.
2 pages

Take Massive Action! :
The Three Big Steps To Your Success!
2 pages

Updates & Bonuses :
Headlines Written By Top-Notch Copywriters
Copywriting & Marketing Books Recommended By Vladimir Raykov