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Marketing Analytics: Forecasting Models with Excel

Introduction :

Basics of Forecasting :
Basics of Forecasting
Course resources
Creating Linear Model with Trendlines

Getting Data Ready for Regression Model :
Gathering Business Knowledge
Data Exploration
The Data and the Data Dictionary
Univariate analysis and EDD
Discriptive Data Analytics in Excel
Outlier Treatment
Identifying and Treating Outliers in Excel
Missing Value Imputation
Identifying and Treating missing values in Excel
Variable Transformation in Excel
Dummy variable creation: Handling qualitative data
Dummy Variable Creation in Excel
Correlation Analysis
Creating Correlation Matrix in Excel

Forecasting using Regression Model :
The Problem Statement
Basic Equations and Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) method
Assessing accuracy of predicted coefficients
Assessing Model Accuracy: RSE and R squared
Creating Simple Linear Regression model
Multiple Linear Regression
The F - statistic
Interpreting results of Categorical variables
Creating Multiple Linear Regression model
Assignment 1: Regression based Forecasting
1 question

Handling Special events like Holiday sales :
Forecasting in presence of special events
Excel: Running Linear Regression using Solver
Excel: Including the impact of Special Events

Identifying Seasonality & Trend for Forecasting :
Models to identify Trend & Seasonality
Excel: Additive model to identify Trend & Seasonality
Excel: Multiplicative model to identify Trend & Seasonality
Moving Average Method
Excel: Moving Average Method
Assignment 2: Identifying Trend and Seasonality
1 question

Handling Changing Trend & Seasonality over time :
Winter's Method to accomodate changing Trend & Seasonality
Excel: Winter's method

Forecasting models for New Products :
S-curve for New products
Excel: Using Logistic curve to model S-curve
Excel: Using Gompertz curve to model S-curve
Bass Diffusion Model for New Products
Excel: Implementing Bass Diffusion Model
Final Course Quiz
5 questions
Assignment 3: Bass Model
1 question

Bonus Section :
Bonus Lecture