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Market Analytics: Become a Data-Driven Marketing Expert

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Market Segmentation :
Market Segmentation Advantages
Market Segmentation Variables
Market Segmentation Types
Cross-Tabulation Segmentation
Regression-based Segmentation
Cluster Analysis (Clustering)
Conjoint Analysis Segmentation
Surveys and Segmentation
Market Segmentation Quiz
5 questions

Price Analytics :
Pricing Techniques
Pricing Assessment
Break-even Analysis
Net Present Value Capital Budgeting Model
Internal Rate of Return Capital Budgeting Model
Price Elasticity
Optimal Pricing
Price Discrimination
Price Analytics Quiz
5 questions

Sales Forecasting :
Sales Forecasting Essentials
Moving Average Forecast
Forecasting Trends
Forecasting Seasonality
Advancing Forecasts
Sales Forecasting Quiz
5 questions