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Udemy Manage Project Scope

Video Introducing this tutorial

Guidelines to Studying this course :
Study Guidelines

Overview of Scope Management :
Full Course Notes
102 pages

Conducting Project Authorisation Activities :
Conducting Project Authorisation Activities - Video
Conducting Project Authorisation Activities
10 questions

Authorisation to Expend Resources :
Authorisation to Expend Resources - Video
Authorisation to Expend Resources
10 questions

Scope Definition :
Scope Definition - Video
Scope Definition
10 questions

Project Outcomes :
Project Outcomes - Video
Project Outcomes
10 questions

Scope Management Plan :
Scope Management Plan - Video
Scope Management Plan
10 questions

Scope Controls :
Scope Controls - Video
Scope Controls
10 questions

Scope Changes and Management Effectiveness :
Scope Changes and Management Effectiveness - Video
Scope Changes and Management Effectiveness
10 questions

Construction Project Scope: Further Reading/References :
Administering a Construction Contract: A Legal Perspective
141 pages

Construction Scope: Sample Scope Management Documents :
Construction Risk Checklist: Includes Scope
5 pages
Contract Scope Valuation Guide
1 page
Project & Scope Management Plan
9 pages
Sample Scope Variation Letter
1 page
Sample: Registration of Scope Variation
1 page