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Making Dessert in Houdini

Part1 :
modeling the plate
modeling the spoon
making the raspberry 1 – building the raspberry
making the raspberry 2 – making the raspberry strands
modeling the cake 1 – using basic poly tools to model the basic cake
modeling the cake 2 – adding additional details to the cake model using VDB
making the ice cream using VDB tools
modeling the sauce on top of the cake
making the chocolate lava using a fluid sim
adding sprinkles on top of the ice ceam
adding sprinkles in the spoon using POP grains
adding crumbs on the cake
final scene layout

Part 2 :
basic render and light setup including HDRs
building the cake shader using acombination of noise maps and SSS and ambient occlusion maps
making the Ice cream shader
building the chocolate sauce shader using absorption and SSS
making the sprinkles shader using houdini attributes to generate random colors
making the raspberry shader
building a detailed metal shader for the spoon using a combination of noise maps and scratch maps
making the raspberry strands shader
building a plastic shader for the plate
final render settings