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Making an Animated Short Film with Blender

Video Introducing this tutorial

What is in the Course :
Completed Short Film
Super Crash Course Blender

Reference :
Story and Writing
Sourcing Characters
Location Scouting

Modelling :
Modelling - creating road and building1
Modelling the Main Building
Modelling - finishing building1 and creating new buildings
Modelling - expanding the second story
Modelling Building Part5
Modelling Building Part6
Modelling Building Part7
Modelling Building Part8
Modelling - Extending the street

Texturing - Basic :
Source Textures and Texturing buildings
Texturing Buildings
Texturing Buildings Part2
Texturing Buildings Part3

Letterbox - Asset :
Letterbox - Modelling
Letterbox - Texturing

Animating :
Import Character
Walk Cycle Part1
Walk Cycle Part2
Walking forward
Blocking Part1
Blocking Part2
Blocking Part3
Blocking Part4
Blocking Part5
Camera Setup Part1
Camera Setup Part2
2nd Pass Part1
2nd Pass Part2
2nd Pass Part3
2nd Pass Part4
2nd Pass Part5
2nd Pass Part6
2nd Pass Part7
2nd Pass Part8
2nd Pass Part9
2nd Pass Part10
2nd Pass Part11
2nd Pass Part12
Face Pass Part1
Face Pass Part2
Face Pass Part3
Face Pass Part4
Upgrading the letterbox / Modelling
Piano Timing Part1
Piano Timing Part2
Alternate Walk cycle and import character
Moving forward with Alternate Walk cycle
Self Critique Part1
Self Critique Part2
Rigging a Car
Fixing Self Critique Part1
Fixing Self Critique Part2
Modelling - rework the background
Fixing Critique

Cleaning Up :
Rework on the Letterbox, Modelling and Texturing
Creating Roof Tiles and Doing Some Retexturing Part1
Creating Roof Tiles and Doing Some Retexturing Part2
Creating Roof Tiles and Doing Some Retexturing Part3
Apply Roof to Other Buildings and More Retexture
Recap of What Needs to be Worked on
Reworking the Road Part1
Reworking the Road Part2
Painting the Car and Reworking the Sign
Changing the Camera Settings - Focal Length
Final Composition and Timing

Finishing Up :
Creating the Video
Creating the Sound Track Part1
Creating the Sound Track Part2
Creating Credits

Source Files :
Source Files to Download