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Make Your own Dropshipping site In Just 15 Easy Steps

Introduction :

Dropshipping Course :
Step 1. Choose and install the store theme
Step 2. Create and upload the store design elements
Step 3. Define product categories and create the store menu
Step 4. Set up currencies settings
Step 5. Decide on the pricing strategy and edit the prices
Step 6. Set up your payment gateways
Step 7. Set up SEO for your store
Step 8. Making Coupons for Marketing
Step 9. Set up Alidropship Extension for Google Chrome
Step 10. Choose, import and edit items from AliExpress
Step 11. Import product reviews
Step 12. Install and set up marketing add-ons
Step 13. Social Rabbit Plugin setup
Step 14. Launch campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager
Step 15. Process your first order with Alidropship Plugin