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Make a Turn-Based RPG in GameMaker Studio 1.4

Video Introducing this tutorial

Start Here :
Tips for Success
The Resources to Start

The Player Character :
A Moving Character
Character Sprite Array and Mask
An Input Object
Using a Finite State Machine

The World View :
The View Parent
The World View

The World :
The Game Object
Depth Sorting
Start Position and Doors
Moving Between Rooms

Transitions :
The Fade Transition
Fade Transition Draw

Classes :
JSON in GameMaker
The Data Object
Fancy Debugging
ASSIGNMENT: New Spider Class

Elizabeth's Stats :
The Stats Object
Calculating the Health
Creating the Stats from the Class
Checking for Death

Entering Battle :
The Encounter Objects
The Battle Transition
Encounter Logic

Making an Overworld Level :
Using Tilesets
Adding Objects
ASSIGNMENT: Using Doors and Start Positions

The Battle View :
The View Approach Script
The View Screenshake Script
The Battle View

The Battle View States :
The Battle View Intro State
The Battle View Idle State
The Battle View Focus State

The Battle Intro :
The Parallax Background
The Battle Object
The Player and Enemy Battle Units

The Battle Unit Parent :
The Battle Unit
Init Battle Unit Script
Battle Unit Destroy

Battle Unit UI :
Battle Unit UI Object
Draw Bar Script
Battle Unit UI Draw

Battle Unit Basic States :
Battle Idle State
Battle Unit Action State
Battle Unit Approach State
Battle Unit Attack State
Battle Unit Return State

Battle Unit Sprite Scripts :
Change Sprites Script
Battle Set Sprite Script
Get Frames Script
Get Image Speed From Frames Script

Battle States Animate :
Battle Unit Idle and Action Animate
Battle Unit Approach Animate
Battle Unit Attack Animate
Battle Unit Return Animate

Interactable Object :
Interactable Object
Activate Interactable Object Script
Interactable Script in Movement State

Character Dialog :
Dialog Create Event
Dialog Destroy, Alarm 0, and Draw Events
Dialog Preprocess Text
Get Visible Text Script
Dialog Step Event
Dialog Draw GUI Event

Speaker Object :
Speaker Create Event
Speaker Activate

Game UI :
UI Parent Object
Draw Nine Slice Script
Option List UI Parent Object

Option List :
Option List
Create Option Script
Menu Option List
Mark Options List Script

Scroll Option List :
Scroll Option List
Scroll Option List Test

Overworld UI :
Message Object
Create Message Script
Create Message at View Center Script

Items :
Item List and JSON
Pickup Item Script
Drop Item Index Script
Use Item Index

Item List UI :
Item LIst UI Object
Item Use UI

Item Option Scripts :
Heal Effect
Item Option Use
Item Option Info
Item Option Drop

Battle UI :
Battle UI Create and Draw Events
Battle UI Step Event
Using Items in Battle
Battle Use Item State

Battle Knockback :
Unit Hitflash
Battle Hit and Wait, and Death States
Set Hitflash Script

Level Up :
Level Up Objects
Level Up Logic

Battle Actions :
Action List and JSON
Action Defend
Enemy AI

Action List UI :
Action List UI Object
Action Option Use
Action Option Info

New Actions :
Sprite JSON and Ranged State
Fire Spell Action
Sonar Spell Action
Clean Battle View

Cutscenes :
Cutscene Parent and States
Character Move To

More Cutscene Scripts :
Character Show Dialog
Cutscene Show Message
Character Face Direction

Saving and Loading :
Save Game
Load Game
Saving Other Game Objects
Loading Fix

Music and Sounds :
Audio Object
Change Song Script and Battle Music
Adding Sound Effects
ASSIGNMENT: Door Sound Effects

Touch-ups :
Movement Update
View Memory Leak
Running From Battles
Elizabeth Death

Finale :