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Machine Learning Classification Algorithms using MATLAB

Video Introducing this tutorial

Instructor and Course Introduction :
Applications of Machine Learning
Why use MATLAB for Machine Learning
Meet Your Instructor
Course Outlines

MATLAB Crash Course :
MATLAB Pricing and Online Resources
Some common Operations
Notes and Practice

Grabbing and Importing a Dataset :
Data Types that We May Encounter
Grabbing a dataset
Importing Data into MATLAB
Understanding the Table Data Type
Notes and Practice

K-Nearest Neighbor :
Nearest Neighbor Intuition
Nearest Neighbor in MATLAB
Learning KNN model with features subset and with non-numeric data
Dealing with scalling issue and copying a learned model (4)
Types of Properties (5)
Building a model with subset of classes, missing values and instances weights (6
Properties of KNN
Notes and Practice

Naive Bayes :
Intuition of Naive Bayesain Classification
Naive Bayes in MATLAB
Building a model with categorical data
A Final note on Naive Bayesain Model
Notes and Practice

Decision Trees :
Intuition of Decision Trees
Decision Trees in MATLAB
Properties of the Decision Trees
Node Related Properties of Decision Trees
Properties at the Classifer Built Time
Notes and Practice

Discriminant Analysis :
Intuition of Discriminant Analysis
Discriminant Analysis in MATLAB
Properties of the Discriminant Analysis Learned Model in MATLAB
Notes and Practice

Support Vector Machines :
Intuition of SVM Classification
Properties of SVM learned model in MATLAB
Notes and Practice

Error Correcting Output Codes :
Intuition of ECOC
ECOC in Matlab
ECOC name, value arguemnts
Properties of ECOC model
Notes and Practice

Classification with Ensembles :
Ensembles in MATLAB
Properties of Ensembles

Validation Methods :
Cross validition options (Part 1)
Cross validition options (Part 2)

Performance Evaluation :
Making Predictions with the Models
Determining the classification loss
Classification Margins and Edge
Classification Loss, Margins, Predictions and Edge for cross validated models
Comparing two classifiers with holdout
Computing Confusion Matrix
Generating ROC Curve
Generating ROC Curve based on the testing data
More Customization and information while generating ROC
Computing Accuracy, Error Rate, Specificity and Sensitivity (10)

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