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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts (OSX) for Beginners & PC Users 2019

Video Introducing this tutorial

Section 1: BE MORE EFFICIENT - Move Between Apps Faster
Sign a Document (PDF) Directly In Your Mac Without Scanning :
Find any File Fast with "Spotlight Search"
Fast Cycle Through Active App Windows with "App Exposé"
Select from All Active App Windows with "Mission Control"
Cycle Forward/Backward Through All Open Apps with "Application Switcher"
Copy From Your iPhone and Paste on Your Mac with "Universal Clipboard"
Section 1: BE A BETTER DESIGNER - Capture Screenshots & Windows as Image Files
Full Screen Capture to Desktop :
Full Screen Capture to Clipboard
Partial Screen Capture to Desktop
Partial Screen Capture to Clipboard
Section 3: BE A BETTER PRESENTER - Move Between App Views Seamlessly
Zoom in to Cursor with Trackpad :
Two Equal Sized App Windows Side-by-Side with "Split View"
Creating Multiple App Desktop Layouts with "Spaces"
Customizing Your Sidebar
Section 4: PREVENT INTERRUPTIONS - Customize, Clean, & Troubleshoot Your Mac
Kill a Crashed App with "Force Quit" :
Freeing Up Hard Drive Space with "Storage Management"
Determining Where Files are Located by Displaying the "Containing Folder"
*** BONUS ITEM *** - Copying Styles and Pasting Multiple Times