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Lucid Dreaming – Bespoke Training with a Personal approach

Preparation for Lucid Dreaming :
Introduction and mission
Notes before you begin
The amazing benefits of becoming a lucid dreamer
How did I become a lucid dreamer? My story
Course structure overview
Lucid Dreaming`s positive effects on our wakeful life + Unparalleled Creativity
Case study dream: The Free bird - How to gain insight before important decisions
The Scientific background and the Spiritual interpretations of Lucid Dreaming
Action Step - Join the community!
The levels of Lucid Dreaming: Self-awareness in our dreams
Case study dream - The architecture of the dream + Common mistakes
Overview of learning methods + Natural lucid dreaming and self-awareness
Mindfulness practice and Lucid Dreaming
DILD vs. WILD - Comparison of Dream Induced and Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming

Learning to Remember our Dreams :
Sleep cycles and REM phase + How to remember our dreams part 1
How to remember our dreams part 2
Dream Journal technique
Dream recall simulation technique
Autosuggestion technique
Affirmation technique
Bonus - How to use our sexual energy for Lucid Dreaming
Summary of preparation
Action step and training stucture

Lucidity Training :
Morning routine - Dream journal
Bonus - Magical dream diary
Daytime routine - Reality checks
Physical and mental energy in service of our lucidity
Daytime routine - Secondary technique: Familiar Scene Visualisation (FSV)
Daytime routine - Secondary technique: Visualising a dream goal
The power of our intention and willpower
Evening routine - Autosuggestion
Evening routine - Secondary techniques
Personal development and healing
Training summary

Mastery - Dream Control Training :
Training INSIDE the Lucid Dream
Maintaining and lenghtening Lucid Dreams
Case study dream - Stabilising and Deepening the lucid state
Opening our dream eyes - Troubleshooting
Misconceptions, beliefs and fears
Sleep Paralysis - What is it and how to solve it?
Case study dream - Develop your trust
A few words about dietary supplements
My travels to India and Nepal - Buddhist views on Lucid Dreaming
Let`s create your personal training schedule!
Bonus Lecture: Astral Projection intro and Conclusion

Summary of Techniques :
Recap - Evening training: Autosuggestion
Recap - Evening training: Secondary techniques
Recap - Morning training: Dream journal
Recap - Morning training: Secondary
Recap - Morning training: Secondary - Wake Back To Bed
Recap - Daytime training: Reality checks
Recap - Evening training: Secondary