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LinuxAcademy Linux Introductory

Video Introducing this tutorial

A Linux Introduction
Open Source Philosophy
Embedded Systems
Desktop Applications
Server Applications
Mobile Applications
Development Languages
Package Management Tools and Repositories
Hands-On - Package Management (APT, dpkg) - For U
Hands-On - Package Management (YUM, rpm) - For Us
Free Software Foundation (FSF), Open Source Initi
Open Source Business Models
Desktop Skills
Desktop Skills Hands-On
Getting to the Command Line
Industry uses of Linux, Cloud Computing and Virtu
Using the Linux Essentials Lab Server
How to Install CentOS 7 with VirtualBox
Basic Shell
Variables - User Defined
Formatting Commands
Working with Options
Command Line Syntax - ls
Command Line Syntax - $PATH, Case Sensitivity
Command Line Syntax - Basic Commands
Command Line Syntax - uname
Command Line Syntax - Command History, Command Co
Command Line Syntax - cd and pwd
Shell Configuration Files
Variables - Environment _ System Variables
locate, find, whereis, and using _usr_share_doc_
The Linux File System
Files, Directories
Hidden Files and Directories
Absolute and Relative Paths
Files and Directories
Case Sensitivity
Simple Globbing and Quoting
Files, Directories
Archives, Compression
Commands (Revisited)
Command Line Pipes
I_O Redirection
Regular Expressions
Basic Text Editing
Basic Shell Scripting
Basic Shell Scripting, Continued
Windows, Mac, and Linux Differences
Distribution Life Cycle Management
syslog, klog, dmesg
_lib, _usr_lib, _etc, _var_log
Internet, Network, Routers
Domain Name Service and the Default Gateway (Netw
Network Configuration
Root and Standard Users
System Users
User IDs
User Commands
Group Commands
File_Directory Permissions and Owners
Symbolic Links
System files, Special Files, and Sticky Bits
The Linux Essentials Exam_Certification
The Linux Essentials Course Breakdown