Udemy Linux Kernel Development Model and Compilation

Video Introducing this tutorial

Linux Development Model :
Developers Maintainers in Linux Kernel
What is Linux Kernel Tree and various types of trees
Submitting patches
Linux Kernel Release Cycle
Linux Kernel Chain
Image of Linux Kernel Release Cycle Part1
Image of Linux Kernel Release Cycle Part2
Types of Releases
Stable Kernel Release
Need for long term kernel release model
Linux Kernel Versions
Where to find linux kernel sources
Distribution Kernels

Configuring, Building and Installing Linux Kernel :
Configuring kernel
Compiling kernel
Different codes CC LD AR meaning during compiling Linux Kernel
Compiling Kernel for different architecture
make help targets
Default Configurations-KBUILD DEFCONFIG
Difference between .config and defconfig
Other config targets
diffconfig script
clean targets
Installing the kernel modules
Source in one folder output in another
Build only portion of kernel
Installing the kernel

Building Linux Kernel for Raspberry pi3 :
Flashing Raspbian Image on Raspberry pi3
Enabling SSH on Raspberry pi3
Building Linux Kernel for Raspberry pi3
SSH Login on Raspberry Pi3
Expanding filesystem on Raspberry pi3
Cross compile Linux Kernel Module

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