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Linux for Beginners using Ubuntu

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting started :
Getting started with Ubuntu Linux

Installing Ubuntu :
How To Install Oracle VirtualBox To Run Ubuntu On it
Install Linux Ubuntu on Oracle VirtualBox in Windows
How to get Higher screen Resolution for Ubuntu Linux guest on VirtualBox

Installing Ubuntu Using VMware (optional) :
How To Install VMware Player To Run Ubuntu On it
How to install Ubuntu LINUX in VMware Player (Virtual Machine)

Bootable USB Flash Drive For Ubuntu :
Create a Bootable USB Flash Drive For Ubuntu Linux Installation

Ubuntu Linux Basics :
How to use Ubuntu

Linux Command Line Tutorial For Beginners :
ls command in Linux
cd command in Linux
cat command in Linux
I/O Redirection
mkdir Command
rm and rmdir commands for linux
cp command
mv command
less command
touch command
nano command
sudo command
top command
kill command
echo command
file permissions, symbolic permissions and chmod
directory permissions and chmod
Octal and Numerical permissions
Introduction to Bash Scripting
which and whatis command
useradd command (Creating Users)
userdel command (Removing Users)
Basic Group Management (groups, groupadd, groupdel)
.bashrc File
Viewing Resources (du , df, free command)
Linux Terminal Command Reference
5 pages
How to Extract a tar.gz File in Ubuntu Linux using Terminal
How to install Package build-essential on Ubuntu Linux
How to Install and Configure Git and Repositories on GitHub on Ubuntu Linux
Install Git command Reference
1 page
Git Quick Reference
2 pages
How to Reset Root Password On Ubuntu
How to install latest Wine (to Run Windows applications) on Ubuntu Linux

Python :
How to Install Python 3.3 on Ubuntu Linux
Install PyCharm Python IDE on Ubuntu Linux + Create and Run First Project

Java :
How to Install Java JDK (Java Development Kit) (Java 7) on Ubuntu Linux
Installing Jetbrains Intellij IDEA on Ubuntu and Creating First Hello World
Install NetBeans IDE on Ubuntu Linux

C++ :
How do I install gcc on Ubuntu Linux
Installing Eclipse IDE with C/C++ plugin(or CDT) in Ubuntu Linux
Using make and writing Makefile ( in C++ or C )
How to Install Code::Blocks in Ubuntu Linux
CLion C/C++ IDE - EAP build (First Impressions)

Code Editors :
How to install Emacs (Text editor) on Ubuntu Linux
Microsoft Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu Linux
Atom Editor in Ubuntu Linux

Android :
How To Download and Install Android SDK Ubuntu Linux
How to Install Genymotion Android Emulator in Ubuntu Linux

Servers :
How to install and run Apache Web Server in Ubuntu Linux
How Install PHP with Apache Web Server in Ubuntu Linux
How to Install MySQL & PhpMyAdmin to Apache Webserver in Ubuntu Linux
How to Install Jenkins on Ubuntu
Install NodeJs
How to install putty (SSH and telnet client) in ubuntu Linux
Installing OpenSSH in Ubuntu and Connect to Ubuntu from Windows using SSH

Databases :
How to install MySQL on Ubuntu/Debian Linux
Install MySQL Workbench in Ubuntu/Debian Linux
Install Postgresql

General Purpose Tools :
How to install PERL on Ubuntu Linux + perl editor SciTE
How to Install Notepad++ in Ubuntu Linux
How to Install Network Simulator 2 ( ns2 ) on Ubuntu Linux
How To Install Arduino IDE in Ubuntu Linux
How to Install TeamViewer (remote desktop) Version on Ubuntu