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Linux Administration Bootcamp: Go from Beginner to Advanced

Overview :
Course Overview

Installing and Connecting to a Linux System :
Linux Distributions
Installing VirtualBox on Windows
Installing VirtualBox on Mac
Installing CentOS Linux Using an Image for VirtualBox
VirtualBox Troubleshooting Tips
Installing CentOS Linux from Scratch
Getting Connected
Connecting Directly

Linux Fundamentals :
The Linux Directory Structure
The Shell
Basic Linux Commands
Getting Help at the Command Line
Working with Directories
Listing Files and Understanding LS Output
File and Directory Permissions Explained - Part One
File and Directory Permissions Explained - Part Two
Finding Files and Directories
Viewing Files and the Nano Editor
Editing Files in Vi
Editing Files with Emacs
Graphical Editors
Deleting, Copying, Moving, and Renaming Files

Intermediate Linux Skills :
Wildcards - Part One
Wildcards - Part Two
Input, Output, and Redirection
Comparing Files
Searching in Files and Using Pipes
Transferring and Copying Files over the Network
Customizing the Shell Prompt
Shell Aliases
Environment Variables
Processes and Job Control
Scheduling Repeated Jobs with Cron
Switching Users and Running Commands as Others
Shell History and Tab Completion
Installing Software
Processes and Jobs
4 questions

The Linux Boot Process and System Logging :
The Linux Boot Process
The Linux Boot Process - Demo
System Logging
Quiz: The Linux Boot Process
7 questions

Disk Management :
Disk Management - Part One
Disk Management - Part Two - Creating Partitions with fdisk
Disk Management - Part Three - File Systems
Disk Management
8 questions

User Management :
Managing Users and Groups - Part One
Managing Users and Groups - Part Two
User Management
7 questions

Networking :
TCP/IP Networking for Linux System Administrators
Networking - DNS and hostnames
Networking - DHCP, Dynamic and Static Addressing
Network Troubleshooting - Part One
Network Troubleshooting - Part Two
9 questions

Advanced Linux Permissions :
Special Permission Modes - Part One
Special Permission Modes - Part Two
7 questions

Shell Scripting :
Shell Scripting - Part One
Shell Scripting - Part Two
5 questions

Advanced Command Line Skills - Command Line Kung Fu :
Tab completion
Repeat as Root
Rerun a command starting with a string
Reuse arguments
Strip out comments and blank lines
Reuse the last item from the previous command

Extras :
Connecting to a Linux Virtual Machine Over the Network
Installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Wordpress on Ubuntu

Summary :
Conclusion - Congratulations and Thank You!

Bonus Lecture Section: Get my other courses at the maximum discount! :
Bonus Lecture: Get my other courses at the maximum discount!