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Lightning Web Component Development

Introduction And Getting Started :
Course Overview
About Your Author
Introduction to LWC
Set Up Development Environment
Create Developer Org and Setup Dev Hub
Create Scratch Org
Explore Salesforce CLI Commands

LWC Fundamentals :
Component Bundle
Hello World Component
Data Binding
Applying CSS
Conditional Rendering
Looping or Iteration
Project - Simple Calculator - Part 1
Project - Simple Calculator - Part 2
Bonus - Component Library Overview

Javascript Properties :
Private Properties - Non Reactive
Private Properties - Reactive
Getter Properties
Public Properties
Public Boolean Properties

Component Lifecycle & Composition :
Using Slots
Public Methods
Shadow DOM
Component Lifecycle

Component Communication Using Events :
Dispatching And Handling Events
Communication Between Independent Components
Share Javascript Code

Access Salesforce Data :
Working With Salesforce Data - An Overview
Lightning Data Service - Create Record
Lightning Data Service - View Record
LDS - RecordViewForm and RecordEditForm
LDS - RecordForm Base Component
Call Apex Method Using Wire Adapter
Call Apex Method Imperatively

Navigation Service and Other Features :
Display A Toast Notification
Get Record Id and Object Name From Framework
Meta File Configurations
Lightning Navigation Service Overview
Examples of Lightning Navigation Service
Using 3rd Party Libraries

Aura and LWC interoperability :
Communicate In Same Component Hierarchy
Communicate In Different Components Hierarchy

Testing Your Lightning Web Components :
JTest Setup
Writing Tests For Your Lightning Web Components
Debugging Test Files - Using Chrome
Debugging Test Files - Using VS Code

Rent A Car Project :
Project Overview
Installing Schema
Develop CarSearchForm Component
Develop CarSearchResult Component
Develop CarTile Component
Develop CarDetails Component
Develop CarDetail Component
Develop AddCarExperience Component
Develop CarExperiences Component
Complete CarExpriences Component
Develop CarLocation Component